Eufy has been in the news plenty lately for security issues found with its cameras, but I’m not here to cover that. I’m still a huge fan of the brand and think they can properly right things in the end. And really, the company’s latest additions to SmartTrack excite me.

Both the SmartTrack Link and Card make for attractive options to complete with the likes of Apple’s AirTag, Life360’s Tile, and Samsung’s  SmartTag systems.


Nothing here is going to move the needle. If you’ve seen any of the competition, the SmartTrack Link and Card are small plastic units that can be attached to items you don’t want to lose. The Link is around 2 inches squared and can easily be keyringed to your house keys or a bag for easy hardware attachment. Once paired with your valuables, it’s light and slim to seamlessly go unnoticed.

The same is true for the SmartTrack Card. This super thin and light tracker is roughly around the size of two credit cards stacked together. eufy is marketing this as an accessory for your wallets, but could easily be added to a laptop bag side pocket or even velcroed to a laptop directly. Similar to the Link, I found it faded away from perception within the first day in my wallet.

Setup and app

Onboarding the SmartTrack devices is almost completely pain-free. Each has a three-second hold to put the Link or Card into pairing mode. You then pull up the eufy Security app to sync the pairing (or download the app if you haven’t already). Within 90 seconds or so, you should have the device added and be able to use it.

From here, you can customize the experience as well in the app. Things like notifications, geo-location actions, and naming the SmartTrack are available. There are some predetermined naming options like Wallet and Keys, but you can choose any moniker you’d like.

Notifications are fairly simple and in beta at the moment. This allows you to set a ping if you leave the SmartTrack Link or Card too far behind your physical location. If you get separated the app will let you know you may have left your valuables elsewhere.

I’ve found this does work, but the notifications are pretty inconsistent on timing. Most times this is delayed more than 10 minutes before I get push notifications that I’ve left behind my tracker. As mentioned, this is a beta software piece, and I’m sure eufy is working on it, but I’d love to see this shortened to not be blocks away before I know I’m without my personal items.

Now, we can’t leave software without talking about the most unique option eufy includes with the SmatTrack Link and Card. Both of these units are fully compatible with Apple’s Find My Device feature in addition to the eufy Security app. This brings a new parity to these trackers that no other competitor outside of Apple’s own AirTag is capable of offering.

Find My Device recognizes this just like an AirTag and seems to have the exact same functionality. This offers a great network of the most robust personal trackers available. By activating “lost” mode, you have the leverage of the full iOS ecosystem to help find your devices.

I also need to note that the landing page for both have taglines that the SmartTrack Link and Card are not “Android compatible” but just not sure I know what that means. As mentioned throughout this review, I’ve used them with the eufy Security app exclusively with zero issues and all functionality seems to be there. My assumption is that this is simply pointing out that the Apple Find My Device option is iOS only, but it’s misleading at best.


We will have to monitor battery life long-term as eufy rates both the Link and Card to last a full year out of the box for the Link and three years for the Card. The Link has a replaceable CR2032 battery pack inside. Unfortunately, the Card is more disposable with a non-chargeable or replaceable power supply.


I hate OS lock-in and eufy has done a great job of making sure all users can use the SmartTrack devices. The ability to sync these up with both major mobile operating systems is a game changer. Add that to the easy setup and awesome app support, and I can’t recommend a better personal tracker that the SmartTrack Link and Card.

Lastly, the pricing is pretty great too. The Link will only set you back $20 and the Card is just $10 more. With those types of buy-ins make sure you don’t waste any more time and snag one, or both, from the store links below.

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