Summer is hitting its stride and the weather has definitely started to heat up. If you’re like us, you’re finding it’s getting harder and harder to get back inside and get actual work done.

Whether you’re working or playing, or doing a little bit of both, you’ve probably got your phone nearby. If not, maybe a tablet, camera, or something else. We love our tech and we love to share our favorite products.

The Weekend Recommender is our chance to share some of the better tech devices and items that have crossed our path. What you’ll find below are five products that we’ve spent time with over the last few weeks which deserve special recognition.

EVRI 80W USB C Charging Station

If you’ve got a newer phone, laptop, Macbook, or Pixelbook, you’ve probably got a USB C port on it. It’s quickly becoming the preferred cable of choice because of its speeds and general flexibility.

Most of us carry around or consistently use multiple gadgets which charge via USB. In addition to the aforementioned items, you can also find products like action cameras, GPS units, tablets, and accessories. The problem a lot of people run into is having too few outlets where it’s important.

The EVRI, from OneAdapter, takes one power outlet and turns it into five very fast ports. Indeed, it gives you one USB C port and four Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports.

With 80W of power it ensures you’ve got optimal charging speeds for all of your important gear. This ain’t some big, clunky device to lug around, either; the whole thing weighs around one half of a pound and takes up less desk space than a napkin.

The EVRI Charging Station carries a price tag of around $75. You can also learn more about OneAdapter and its products, or buy them, online at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, London Drugs, and Staples.

JLab Epic Executive Wireless Headphones

The Epic Executive come with an assortment of earbud tips to fit every size and shape of ear which makes finding the right fit pretty easy. Also included is a USB charging cable, a standard aux adapter to go hardwired, and a carrying case to keep it all together.

The Active Noise Cancelling on the Executives is truly amazing. JLab claim 90% of the background noise is cancelled and we’d have a hard time arguing the point. We were amazed at the quietness from the earbuds on a flight with it turned on.

The battery last a long time; on a full charge were able to get a whole day of listening on flights and airport layovers. To get back to a full charge takes about an hour.

In the last few months of using these we’ve never had a time where we were disappointed. They just work. Every time. They’re lightweight and we often forget that we’re wearing them. In short, they sound good and work great. These run about $100 at JLab’s website.

Phiaton BT 100NC

These have been around a few years now but we still dig ’em in 2018. Designed to drape around the neck, the BT 100 NC earbuds feature active noise cancelling as well as IPX splash resistance and sweat-resistance.

Whether you want to use them for workouts or just a simple commute, these are a convenient, go-anywhere type of earbuds. They’re offered in black or white and complement pretty much any outfit you want to wear.

The noise cancelling tech reduces low frequency noise by upwards of 95%, in turn drowning out buses, trains, and other ambient city sounds. This makes it much easier to enjoy that audiobook or stay in the zone as you push hard in that last mile.

In addition to music and other audio, the Phiaton earbuds also offer up wireless calls. You’ll feel a vibration if it’s time to take a call and the controls are super simple. What’s more, the EverPlay-X means you can plug in directly when the battery drains or if the music source doesn’t have Bluetooth (4.0+) connectivity.

Quickly pair via NFC and you’ll be connected without fumbling with Bluetooth settings. Additionally, you can connect two devices to the BT 100 NC. Share them with your spouse or simply use it to have your phone and tablet paired up together. These now cost about $80 at retailers such as Amazon.

mophie charge stream travel kit

The perfect accessory to pack for a weekend getaway or day at the beach, this bundle offers up a variety of charging options.

In the box you will find a wall charger, car charger, microUSB cable, carrying pouch, and the pad itself. The Stream Pad Mini is a universal (Qi) wireless charging device that’s compatible with many of today’s popular flagship phones. If you have a late model Samsung, LG, or Apple, consider grabbing one of these.

As you would find with better charging technology, this unit includes quick and powerful speeds at 2.4A for both car and wall. At 1.5m (just under five feet), the cable is plenty long enough to tuck behind that hotel night stand or desk. Mix and match the cable with different chargers and take advantage of the microUSB plug.

The entire kit is low profile and packs away nicely. The carrying pouch has pockets to keep things from getting messy and disorganized. When you’re ready to settle down for a bit, plug the pad in and enjoy the wireless charging.

This is one of those bundles that gets better and more convenient with time. You’ll miss it when it’s not around, especially if you have a phone with wireless charging and a microUSB port. Find yours for $50 at mophie’s website.

Scosche Boombottle MM

When you’re chilling on the patio with friends, listening to music, the last thing you want to do is have to fumble for the phone. Sure, your playlist is pretty solid, but maybe you’ve got a few tracks people don’t like. Instead of looking around for your phone, place it directly on top of your speaker.

Built to fit inside of most cup holders and water bottle cages, the Boombottle MM is a cylindrical speaker with a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s designed to go anywhere you would and its 12-hour playback will probably outlast you in the process.

The speaker automatically and magically sticks to your phone via the magnetic mount, hence the ‘MM’ in its name. Alternatively, you can snug it up against metal and put the music in fun, out of the way, places. Or, just do both, why don’t ya?

The IP67 rating means that water and dust won’t be an issue so feel free to lug this one to the beach. Or, pair a second one to it for true stereo and place ’em around the pool area. When it comes time to crack open a cold one, use the speaker’s built-in bottle opener.

Other specs you’ll appreciate include the 4 LED battery indicator and the microphone for hands-free phone calls. Grab one of these for roughly $130 at Scosche’s website.

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