Block Tile Puzzle is a great game for someone who loves nostalgic titles. It’s one of those click-and-play games that don’t require much and that can be played pretty much anywhere. The Tetris inspired gameplay with a twist is entertaining and doesn’t take a genius to play it.


There’s very little here. You’ll get the usual Play Games login and then you’re off. I was a bit surprised when there was no tutorial. You go straight into gameplay and don’t really need one, although it would’ve been nice to see a bit of help.

The standard volume on/off is available, along with the neat option of changing the theme color which is disguised as a night/day mode button.


Gameplay is nothing new, being based on Tetris, you goal is to piece the pieces together and make a complete row, but there are a few twists. Firstly, there isn’t a time limit to get the piece in the right place. It’s slotted at the bottom and you have time to choose where you want to place it, although you can still only have that one piece until you use it. Secondly, the pieces are a bit different to the normal configurations. This opens it up a bit to how you can build your rows. And lastly, you can place pieces mid-board, so they can float and not be touching other pieces. Altogether you’d think that this would make the game way too easy, it doesn’t actually. It was still a bit challenging, although you obviously get better each time.

Overall, the game was entertaining and was good enough to have me coming back for more.

Is it for me?

Unless you don’t play games or prefer hardcore games, then it’s likely Block Tile Puzzle will entertain you. It’s really suitable for anyone, thanks to its simplicity and ease o use.

What we liked:

  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Ease of use
  • Clean UI

And not so much…

  • Lack of levels/in game challenges

Block Tile Puzzle is one of the better games out there. With entertaining gameplay, ease of use and simplicity, it sure gives its Play Store competitors a run for their money.

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