Literally everyone on the planet has a list of things to do; whether it’s tucked away mentally, carefully written in a notebook, scribbled on the back of a rogue receipt in your pocket, or tracked in your phone, everyone has a To-Do List. As such, I thought I’d share a small sample from the wildly varied selection of To-Do List applications in the Google Play Store.  The following selection covers a few different styles of lists, from the conventional  ( to the robust (Todoist) to the radical (Habitica).

So, without further babbling from your host, I present to you AndroidGuys’ Five for Friday; To Do Lists.

[df-caption title=” – clean and simple.” url=””]

  • Intuitive, Material-ish UI. Clean and simple, very few bells and whistles.
  • Built-in list categories (you can add your own, too).
  • Calendar sync (via a separate app)
  • moment: overview of your daily tasks.
  • Paid Premium Membership: Location-based reminders, custom recurring tasks, custom themes, unlimited upload size, Moment, priority support.

[df-caption title=”Wunderlist – pretty and shareable.” url=””]


  • Shareable lists, with comment support.
  • Material UI with elegant background images.
  • Supports Android Wear.
  • Lots of options, including a configurable widget.
  • Paid Pro Account: Unlimited file uploads, task assignments, subtasks, and new backgrounds.

[df-caption title=”Google Keep – Googly.” url=””]

Google Keep

  • Full Google support right out of the box.
  • Very few features – focused more on speed and efficiency.
  • List sharing.
  • No Google Drive integration. (Sadface.)

[df-caption title=”Todoist – AG’s favorite.” url=””]


  • AndroidGuys’ choice of To-Do Lists.
  • Shareable lists, collaboration features.
  • Projects and sub-tasks make it easier to delegate.
  • Todoist Premium: Calendar sync, automatic backups, productivity tracking, advanced filter features.

[df-caption title=”Habitica – RPGify your life.” url=””]


  • Turns your daily tasks into an old-school RPG.
  • Separate tasks into Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos.
  • Purchase rewards using experience and “gold” earned by doing tasks.
  • Currently in beta, and incomplete – more features coming.
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  1. If you want the best experience out of Habitica, I recommend skipping the app all together and just using the website on your phone. It works exactly the same on my Note4 as it does in Chrome on my desktop, with the one exception that you can’t hold hold down Control (or Command) to move a task to the bottom of the list.

    If you happen to use a Note, like I do, you can even use the stylus to get the mouse-over tips on buttons, tags you assigned to a task and even see the extra notes you’ve entered… all without expanding or editing the task.

    Worried about missing a notification for a task that’s due today? There is also a set of Tasker profiles and tasks that can be downloaded and tweaked from Github.

  2. For someone who’s primarily interested in making a collection of to-do lists, I recommend you take a look at Tick Tick. I’ve tried lots of to-do apps over the past couple of years, and Tick Tick is the one that has worked best for me. I primarily make shopping lists for different types of stores, and this makes it easy for me to remember what I need when I’m at the grocery store, or Office Depot, or the international market. Tick Tick also provides a very nice variety of highly configurable widgets.

    I used for quite a while, but they tinkered and improved it to the point where it didn’t work for me any more.

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