Five for Friday: Apps to keep track of your To-Dos.

Literally everyone on the planet has a list of things to do; whether it’s tucked away mentally, carefully written in a notebook, scribbled on the back of a rogue receipt in your pocket, or tracked in your phone, everyone has a To-Do List. As such, I thought I’d share a small sample from the wildly varied selection of To-Do List applications in the Google Play Store.  The following selection covers a few different styles of lists, from the conventional  ( to the robust (Todoist) to the radical (Habitica).

So, without further babbling from your host, I present to you AndroidGuys’ Five for Friday; To Do Lists.

[df-caption title=” – clean and simple.” url=””]

  • Intuitive, Material-ish UI. Clean and simple, very few bells and whistles.
  • Built-in list categories (you can add your own, too).
  • Calendar sync (via a separate app)
  • moment: overview of your daily tasks.
  • Paid Premium Membership: Location-based reminders, custom recurring tasks, custom themes, unlimited upload size, Moment, priority support.

[df-caption title=”Wunderlist – pretty and shareable.” url=””]


  • Shareable lists, with comment support.
  • Material UI with elegant background images.
  • Supports Android Wear.
  • Lots of options, including a configurable widget.
  • Paid Pro Account: Unlimited file uploads, task assignments, subtasks, and new backgrounds.

[df-caption title=”Google Keep – Googly.” url=””]

Google Keep

  • Full Google support right out of the box.
  • Very few features – focused more on speed and efficiency.
  • List sharing.
  • No Google Drive integration. (Sadface.)

[df-caption title=”Todoist – AG’s favorite.” url=””]


  • AndroidGuys’ choice of To-Do Lists.
  • Shareable lists, collaboration features.
  • Projects and sub-tasks make it easier to delegate.
  • Todoist Premium: Calendar sync, automatic backups, productivity tracking, advanced filter features.

[df-caption title=”Habitica – RPGify your life.” url=””]


  • Turns your daily tasks into an old-school RPG.
  • Separate tasks into Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos.
  • Purchase rewards using experience and “gold” earned by doing tasks.
  • Currently in beta, and incomplete – more features coming.
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