From what I can tell, most people have trouble waking up in the mornings; we all want to sleep longer, more, and want to stay wrapped up in our little blankie burritos as long as humanly possible. We hit that snooze button a couple times, hoping to glean another fifty winks…unless you’re one of those weird morning people.

But I digress; today at work we had a weird conversation like only bored twenty-somethings can have; philosophizing on the relevance of time and whether it’s all just a human construct (spoiler alert – it is). This conversation inspired me to pull a few time-related apps from the Play Store – some conventional, some not – as our Five for Friday.

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Clock, by Google Inc.

  • Simple, no frills alarms.
  • Alarm clock, clock widget, timer, stop watch.
  • Material design.

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Timely, by Bitspin

  • Gorgeous UI with multiple themes.
  • Intuitive, gesture-based design.
  • Clock, alarms, timer, stopwatch.
  • Alarm challenges – Shake, Math, Pattern, or Matching.

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Wake Up Alarm, by Frapomo

  • Minigame Challenges: Space Debris, Brick Blaster, Math, Word Scramble, Maze, Match 3.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • World Clock, Time, Stopwatch, Alarms.
  • In-App Purchases.

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Glimmer, by vuxia

  • “Night mode” – turns off all sounds and sync while you sleep.
  • Sleep cycle calculator.
  • In-App Purchases.
  • Multiple themes.
  • “Soft Wakeup” – slowly increases brightness and music volume to wake you up gradually.

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[df-caption title=”Annoy the crap out of your friends.” url=””]

Alarm Wars by Creative Web Applications

  • Facebook sign-in.
  • Turns waking up into a wargame between you and your friends.
  • “Attack” your friends with annoying sounds to wake them up.
  • In-App Purchases for more weapons and sounds.
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