Scoshe is well-known in the mount industry, and is highly-preferred among its users.  Today, we’re going to take a look at a couple of their mounts.  If you’re not familiar with Scoshce’s range of products, the specialize in mounts for your tech, and although they do have cradles, most of them just use magnets.

Its website gives you a diagram on where you can place the magnet:

When I first opened the box, I was reluctant to attach a magnet to the back of my phone, because I’m hoping that my mount will still work long after I replace my phone. So, I went with the alternative option: I put the magnet in-between the phone and the case.  I didn’t remove the adhesive sticker, though. I just left the magnet hanging out behind my phone, and yes, it worked like a charm.

Let’s check out a couple products that Scoshe offers with no cradles to mess with, and no permanent stickers to place on the back of your phone.

MagicMount CD

The MagicMount CD conveniently inserts into your car’s CD player, with a “screw” on top to tighten it.  It does not damage the CD player in the car, and depending on how your car is set up, it can be the perfect place for hands-free usage. The mount itself moves around so you can angle it to the view is ideal for you, regardless of whether that’s portrait or landscape mode.

In my car, I stream all my music and podcasts from my phone, so this mount taking up the CD player is a non-issue. Moreover, I don’t want to mess with the suction cups on the dash, because I sit too far back for it to be convenient.  To me, this seems like the perfect place to put a mount.  Personally, I love this thing, and it works great.  My phone sits in place and doesn’t fall off, and it attaches instantly with the magnet (even if I didn’t attach it directly to my phone or case).

The only potentially negative thing I would say is to pay attention the the placement of your car’s CD slot. Since this mount is inserted into the CD slot, it will inevitably cover up something in your car.  For me, it’s my “auto” button for climate control, but I typically leave that on, anyway.  If I take the phone off the mount, I still have access to the button, but while it is mounted, the button is covered up.  Again, to me, no big deal, but give the layout of your dash a quick once-over before you buy.

You can purchase the mount from Scosche’s website or Amazon; pricing is about $20, on average. Scosche | Amazon

MagicMount PRO home/office

The MagicMount Pro home/office is designed to be stationary at home, or  in your office. Conveniently, it also comes with a free attachment to charge your Apple Watch at the same time.

I propped this up on the table beside my bed with the suction cup, so I can charge both my phone and watch at night. The suction cup is strong, and it doesn’t make it top-heavy.

Scosche’s website states, “This new mount in Scosche’s MagicMount Pro line-up creates an elegant look to any home or office… a perfect solution for keeping your device safe and your area clutter-free...” and it isn’t lying.  This mount looks really nice, if you are using it in your office, it easily matches the aesthetic of the 21st century office.

This is definitely a quality accessory, and one that I cannot recommend highly enough.  If you do not have an Apple Watch, you do not have to attach the included accessory, so it won’t look awkward. Either way, it looks professional and clean.

Like the CD mount, I highly recommend this.  I love how it props up both the watch and the phone, so in the middle of the night, I can just glance over to see incoming messages, and don’t have to physically pick up my phone. You can pick one up for about $40 from Scosche or Amazon. Scosche | Amazon

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