Let’s face it, waking up in the morning is no fun. That moment the sound of the alarm clock meets your eardrums, your ready to fight. Of course, that could be more to do with having to go to work, either way, traditional alarms aren’t very popular. To that end, more developers are finding new ways to wake people up. There are apps that make you do math while there are some that make you take a selfie. Heck, there is even on that lets you receive a call from a total stranger. But today we are gonna talk about one that gently wakes you up with the simulation of the sun…Gentle Wakeup.

Developer: Dr. Alexander Rieger
Cost: Free with a $3.99 upgrade to Pro


Gentle WakeupGentleWakeup 2 is a unique take on the alarm clock. It mimics what nature intended by waking you up with a gentle light. We need to first understand the process Gentle Wakeup uses. When setting your alarm you should know the process starts 20 minutes before your alarm time. So setting your alarm at for 7:30 am will have the process starting at 7:10 am.

Once the alarm process starts your screen turns on with a very dim yellow glow. As the minutes tick it gradually gets brighter. Once it’s time for your alarm, the screen is at full brightness and hopefully you are awake. This will likely work only if you have the phone or tablet placed in a way that it is on your face.

Now that we understand the process, let’s go over some of the options available in the settings. Most of the normal features are included such as repeat alarms, snooze, multiple alarms and naming those alarms. Now I mentioned that the process starts 20 minutes before you alarm time, but that can be adjusted to a more suitable time if that fits your individual preference.

Other features include having a vibration going when the alarm starts with numerous configurations to fit your needs. You can also have the clock showing if you choose. If you feel the need for a morning pick me up, you can set a message to display for yourself to start it off right. Gentle Wakeup also gives you the option to set a maximum duration for the alarm to last ranging from five minutes to two hours.

Displaying on the main screen of Gentle Wakeup is your clock. Did you expect something else? You can customize that down to the second…literally. Extra stuff that you may want to display include next alarm set and notification in your action bar.

Now you may wonder why I haven’t talked about sounds, well that’s because it’s in the Pro version. For an upgrade fee of $3.99 you can add sounds. These aren’t your normal sounds, no sir. Well, there is one normal annoying sound, but mostly you have roosters, birds chirping, white noise and more.


This is a unique take on the alarm. I’m not sure most people will be able to use it as we are more accustom to annoying noises and music these days. I would definitely not use this as a primary alarm until you’re sure you can wake up to it. But if you’re a person who could handle this then you should. Who doesn’t like waking up to a pleasant sunrise.

Download Gentle Wakeup from the Play Store

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