In action. You'll get a good idea of the gameplay just from this image

I’m sure most of you remember that you probably did maths at some stage of your life. And, yes, while it was probably the bane of your life, we may not appreciate maths as much as we should. Love it or hate it, there are apps for it. The app I’m talking about speciffically is called “Griddition”, and today I’ll be reviewing it.


Barring the fact that there was a tutorial, Griddition is extremely simple. The tutorial give you a good idea of what it’s about, but I was still a bit confused on my first try. I’m going stress ‘first try’ because it really doesn’t take long to get into the full swing of things. One round is all you’ll need to play at max efficiency.

There are different themes you can use later on in the game as you unlock more levels. As I haven’t yet advanced too far, I’m unable to share my views on them, although their names at least sound cool.


I wouldn’t exactly call Griddition a game. The ‘gameplay’ simply doesn’t fit the standards for a game, while it certainly isn’t not a game. It’s more of something that’s designed to be played in a math classroom or to pass away time on the bus. Think of it as Sodoku, but all the numbers that you input have to equal the number at the end. You simply drag the availible numbers into their slots and try beat your previous time. Your ultimate goal is to improve your score and unlock bigger grids. All of this is a treat thanks to the great but simple user interface and the lack of annoying adverts. My time spent with the app was indeed pleasant.


Is it for me?

Although Griddition is a great app, it’s not really just for anyone. I personally doubt if I would use it on a constant basis, although other people will likely differ. The fact that it is ad free and does not require internet connection means that it’s specially ideal for places like the classroom and for your offspring in the back of the car.

What we liked:

  • Great user interface
  • Lack of adverts
  • No internet required

 And not so much…

  • Not much to make you want to play
  • Lack of levels/storymode

All-in-all, Griddition is a great app that you probably won’t like a lot. It’ll be great for kids but no so much for grown-ups, although other people might beg to differ. The gameplay is in no way entertaining, remember how I said that it’s “not really a game”? But hey, head on over to the Play Store and give it a try!

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