Adaptxt Legal Keyboard for Law Professionals

Law Professionals Can Now Eliminate Embarrassing Typos with Android Legal Dictionary
Guest Contribution Post By: Sumit Goswami, CEO, Keypoint Technologies


We’ve all probably experienced embarrassing auto-corrections when emailing and texting friends and family on our mobile devices. Now imagine you’re a legal professional or law student engulfed in language specific to your industry where every email, text and note taken is critical to your reputation. There is now an accurate and constantly updated dictionary for the legal profession called the Adaptxt Legal Keyboard that can save legal professionals both valuable time and the fallout from sending falsely auto-corrected communications.


The issue of “dumb” auto-correction is greatly exacerbated when considering how intimately legal professions rely on their mobile devices. As more law professionals take notes and compose emails, contracts and other critically important forms of written communication on their tablets and smartphones, the need for accurate and seamless auto-correction is more important than ever. Just imagine the embarrassment and potential reputation-damaging effects misspelled legal terms could have.


There is also the financial impact of fussing with cumbersome auto-correction and inadequate dictionaries. Let’s say there are 20,000 terms in a law dictionary and to be conservative, 4,000 are unique and generally not found in a mobile device’s default dictionary. If we assume each correction takes 10 seconds, each attorney could be wasting thousands of dollars per year with dumb autocorrect. For even mid-sized law firms, this would be well north of $100,000 wasted annually.


Students, professionals, and firms alike can avoid these reputation, financial and productivity pitfalls by checking out the Adaptxt Legal Keyboard. It was created specifically for the legal industry and contains over 20,000 industry terms across 5 different languages. The behind-the-scenes algorithm and artificial intelligence learns user behavior over time, thereby suggesting often-typed words and phrases. It also learns contextual communication. If you’re typing in an email client, Facebook or Twitter account, for example, the application will know which words and phrases you use most often in those contexts.


The application is also fully customizable to enable law students and professionals to create shortcuts that best suit their unique needs. Considering the legal dictionary is handcrafted and constantly updated by top linguists, it’s an ideal addition to the repertoire of law students, paralegals, judges, lawyers and other law professionals.


Adaptxt Legal Keyboard is available now for $3.99 in the Google Play Store.

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