Bestek’s 8-port surge protector is great for team projects – not so great for space-saving

Hello again, Android Guys. Today I’ll be giving you a peek at Bestek’s massive 8 port surge protector – which I like to think of as a tower, given its unique, upright positioning.

Upon opening this beast, the first thing that catches your attention is the heft; this thing is huge, let me tell you. If you’re looking for a power strip to consolidate all your power strips into one neat, tucked away place, this is not your item. What it does well, however, is provide a central location to easily plug in and remove devices as needed. It’s an ideal power source for group projects, for get-togethers, or for work meetings.

Which is, to say, this is a purely practical piece of hardware. It won’t help you solve your cord tangling issues, nor will it conceal those tangles – it will, however, provide 8 AC (1500J) ports and 6 USB ports (rated at 2.4A each, 8A total) to power as many devices as you could possibly want to power within easy reach atop a table.

There are a couple fairly unique features in this device that you won’t find on your average $10 surge protector. First, each of the eight individual AC outlets has a safety “hatch” that prevents foreign objects from being stuck in them.  Additionally, each port has an LED that shows the status of the port. Normally, a power strip has a switch that lets you turn the ports off or on without unplugging the strip. This device, however, has two switches – one for the top row, and one for the bottom row of ports.

Sadly, while one of the pictures of the unit shows a phone sitting on top of the tower charging without any cables connected to it, the tower does not support wireless charging – but that would have been so damned cool, right?

At $30 (with the coupon code below) it’s a bit pricier than many of us would prefer to spend on a surge protector, but the durability, number of ports, and additional features on Bestek’s tower make it well worth the extra peace of mind.

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