HTC Desire Quick Look

I was lucky enough to win a HTC Desire in a competition with T-Mobile. That’s right, I won it. I nearly didn’t as the competition rules stated that when T-Mobile rang me I had half an hour in which to respond. They rang twice, I ignored them twice. Luckily I picked my voice mail up and gave them a call. This was on Monday, I had the phone the following day. As part of the competition I had to agree to do a short video review of the phone. Fortunately I had done one or two video reviews before so this wasn’t a problem.

My first thoughts of the phone? It’s quick, sexy and a sure winner. I have noticed one or two oddities about my particular phone:

  • No speech to text
  • No Android keyboard (just HTC’s Touch version)
  • No Voice search

This may be because T-Mobile have customized the ROM or that my phone is a pre-release version and the retail version may rectify these things.

The plus points are:

  • Pinch to zoom in browser, images and maps
  • Live Wallpapers
  • Quick and smooth to use
  • Face recognition in camera
  • Loads of other things……

This is my review for T-Mobile but I will do a more comprehensive one soon. Enjoy.

UPDATE: T-Mobile contacted me to say that the build I am using is different to the final build so some of the issues here should be rectified with the retail version.