MWC 2010: HTC Desire and Legend Overview

You probably know already everything there is to know on the latest Android devices from HTC, the Legend and the Desire.  I’d like to add some more information as I was able to spend few minutes on Tuesday with HTC. Obviously we talked about the new devices but also about the updated Sense UI,  their market share and their relationship with Google.

Updated Sense UI

Many HTC Hero owners have been waiting for this update since Android 2.0 was released.  HTC has put plenty of effort into Sense as they want this interface to be their trademark. This is why it is also the interface on the new HTC Smart, a Qualcomm Brew (entry level phone) and most of their Windows phones.  Owners will be able to grow with HTC from Brew to Android, without learning new UI’s.

This new version take advantage of multitouch, for instance the eye-candy helicopter effect called Leap that let you see all 7 screens on one page. It also includes the new Friends Stream feature that will let you aggregate your friends, colleagues and family’s information from different social networks. Even the weather widget has been improved. It is obvious that they have spent time polishing this update and didn’t rush it to be ready soon after 2.o was released. They confirmed that it will be available for the HTC Hero in March. Unfortunately, the Tattoo will be left out, simply because this new version rely heavily on multitouch, which is not possible on the Tattoo resistive screen.

Relation with Google

If you have watched the video of the press conference, you might have notice that there was little word about Google or Android but in the other hand HTC CEO Peter Chou confirmed their commitment to continue to work with Microsoft so I’ve asked if there were any “couple” issues with Google… No, they are still in a close and healthy relationship. HTC has the largest group of Android developers after Google and they acknowledged that they would not be in this leading position they are know without Android. By the end of 2009, they had shipped slightly more Android devices than Windows Mobile devices.

New devices: the Design and the Performance

To come back on the Desire (could be called “Performance”) and Legend (could be called “Design”), the common feature is the new optical trackpad. It is working well and make a great pair with the capacitive screen to let you control the phones. One thing to notice is that HTC has finally let go their special Mini-USB port for the European Union required Micro USB.

Here is a video with an overview of the Desire and Legend


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