The Sonos/MOG Marriage is so much Win.

Recently, MOG and Sonos announced a partnership that allows Sonos owners to subscribe and listen to music provided by huge catalog the MOG has.  As God as my witness, when I got my Sonos units, I said to anyone who would listen, “The only thing this kit is missing is MOG integration, when that happens, I will be in audiophile heaven”.  Well heaven has come, because I have been using the Sonos/MOG combo for a week or so, and all is right in the world. One of the strengths of the Sonos Android app is the fact that it has different music services integrated right into it, meaning that you don’t have to go out to another app to start up content then go back to the Sonos app to control volume.  Pandora, Rdio, Napster and even terrestrial radio stations are available to you to get content.  The integration of MOG with the app is no different.

To get MOG working on my setup, I had to do a quick update to the desktop controller software, then enter in my MOG credentials.  It took about 5 minutes total.  After that was done, I had access to the full catalog that MOG offers, right inside my Sonos app.

The first time I fired up the MOG service, I was like a hyperactive kid in Chuck E. Cheese.  I was flipping through, searching all my favorite bands, playing a clip here and there.  The first thing I noticed was that the sound quality is excellent for streaming audio.  Very little hiss or background noise, if any.  The next was the speed of searching for music.  Looking for individual tracks or albums is as fast as using the native MOG app for Android.

I can find very little downside to this partnership, for some people it may be the $9.95 monthly fee that MOG charges, but really to have access to 11 million tracks it is not a bad price.

To be honest, I am liking this service better than my Google Music service at this point.  It may be apples and oranges, but right now it is simply a richer experience.  But bring Google Music into the Sonos app?  Unbeatable.

The cool thing is that Sonos is offering 20% off a bundle right now, plus 14 free days of MOG built in.  See the press release below to get details.

All US Sonos Customers offered 14-Day Free Trial
Limited time offer to save 20% on Sonos and MOG bundle

SANTA BARBARA, Calif and BERKELEY, Calif – May 24, 2011 – Sonos, the leading developer of wireless music systems for the home, today announced another step in providing access to all the music on earth with the addition of the MOG music service to the award-winning Sonos music experience.  Beginning today, Sonos customers can enjoy a high-quality, on-demand listening experience from MOG all over their home.  All Sonos customers in the United States will receive a free 14-day trial of MOG on Sonos.

In addition, Sonos and MOG have teamed up to offer a special bundle with a Sonos S5, Sonos ZoneBridge and one-year MOG subscription – saving music fans 20% on their purchase.  For more information on this limited time promotion,

“Our goal at Sonos is to provide music lovers with access to all the music on the planet,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. “By offering MOG to our customers, we’re providing an incredible, high-quality listening experience in the living room or any room of the home.”

“Sonos products are absolutely best-of-breed and their customers expect great sound when accessing their music from their own library or streaming music from a service like MOG,” said David Hyman, CEO of MOG. “Our goal is to deliver the best music listening experience by making it fast and easy for music lovers to listen to any song, at the highest quality, from virtually anywhere—in the car, on the computer, on their phone, and now in any room with Sonos.”

With MOG’s award-winning music service on Sonos, music fans can enjoy the following features in any room of the home:

High-quality audio: MOG on Sonos features the highest quality audio streams at 320kbps.

MOG artist radio: Customize radio stations on the fly by choosing true “artist only” radio or a full mix of similar artists.

On-demand music: Unlimited, anytime, ad-free listening to any artist or full album from MOG’s 11-million song library.

Simple searching and browsing, designed for the palm of the hand: MOG provides simple navigation of albums and artists, and easy browsing of New Releases, Chart Toppers, Editors’ Picks and playlists created by recording artists for instant playing right from any Sonos Controller.

MOG offers all new and existing US Sonos customers a 14-day free trial after which users can upgrade to MOG’s Primo subscription plan for $9.99 per month. Simply go to to register for the free trial.  MOG Primo provides music fans with unlimited access to MOG on Sonos, with additional access online at, and through the MOG app on iPhone and Android phones, all via a single MOG account.

For more information about Sonos or to locate an authorized Sonos dealer in your area, please visit or call 877.80.SONOS.

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