This is Immortal Fantasy, where you take on the role of different types of characters while using cards and a dice. You’ll travel the land to discover weapons, potions and armor while taking on various enemies. You must choose which gods you will follow to help you in your quest to become immortal.

Developer: F.B.apps

Price: Free


Create your Character
Create your character.

There are a lot of ins and outs to this game, so I’m only gonna give a brief overview of how to play. First, you pick your character by choosing either one of the pre-made characters, or you can create your own. You have three races to choose from: Human, Dwarf, and Elf. You may also choose from a few different classes, as well as hairstyle, skin color, and sex.  

Play begins when you pick a spot on the map to explore. Once you’re inside, you go tile by tile and uncover various loot and enemies. Each card has an assigned value that tells you how strong that card is. If it’s a loot card, simply tap it to add it to your cards if you are under your allowed card space. If not, pass by it. If you uncover an enemy, you fight it by activating weapon cards and spells or other various cards. Then, the dice gets rolled and, if you roll higher than your opponent’s card value, you win.

There are 3 islands you must beat to win the game and lots of areas inside each island you must pass through. In between each section of the map, you have a chance to level up certain attributes, buy extra cards, and train your character to make it stronger.


Story mode.

While playing the game I didn’t really feel challenged at first. It didn’t seem I could lose, even when I tried. During the first island in the game, I had to use no weapon cards to lose. Once I moved to the second island, it became really hard to win. It can be quite boring and people could potentially quit while playing the first island because of the lack of challenge there. There needs to be a balancing out in that area. Also, the developer needs to encourage buying cards to make yourself more powerful so, when you make it to the second island, you stand a chance.


There is a ton of potential in this game. The idea is awesome and unique. Unfortunately, the graphics are what hold this game back. This game includes a rolling dice that took me a while to realize because I couldn’t see it there. To me, it feels more like graphics from an older PS2 game. In order to compete with the market of games that include cards and characters similar to this, perhaps it would be better to take a more cartoonish approach. I am not sure if it’s within the budget of the developer to hire someone else, but that might be my first recommendation.

Despite the graphics and balance, I did enjoy the concept and very much hope improvements are made. I admire the fact that this is a free app with no ads and no in-app purchases: it’s 100% free. I’m not sure if they intend to later add any of this, but for the time being, it’s free.

Download and install Immortal Fantasy from the Play Store.

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