Today we will be taking a look at an app that is crazy simple. Do you ever need inspiration? What gets you inspired? The Bible, A speech from Martin Luther King Jr., Proverbs from around the world? If so, then you need to check out Inspirational Daily Quotes in the Google Play Store. This app has over 1200 inspirational quotes from all over history, From Jesus to Edgar Allen Poe to Conrad Hilton, this app is full of inspiration.

How it works

Now let’s dive into how it works. The first thing that I noticed is that the app did not request any permissions. This is great, as we will see once we get into the app there is really nothing that it would need to access. I am always leery of simple one-trick apps that are asking for location, read SMS, access phone or other odd permissions. I always deny these request until I can confirm that it is really needed for the app to function.

Next, you will see a quote. This is the meat and potatoes of this app. Let’s move to the top of the app for now, though. At the top right there are two buttons. The first is the share button, this will allow you to share the quote that is currently on the screen, via practically any app that allows that sort of thing. So whether you want to text you mom or share this quote with Facebook or Instagram you can do it. To the right of that is the three dot button that indicates settings. Once clicked the app keeps the simple theme going by displaying only four Daily_Quotes_NOtification_settingsoptions, Notification settings, Copy quote, Rate app and More apps.

Inside the notification settings, there are two options, time and show daily. The picture to the right shows what those do. The other three options, Copy Quote, Rate App and More Apps are self-explanatory and do exactly what you think they would do.

Let’s move to the bottom of the app. Just above the two buttons at the bottom, you see an ad banner. I don’t think this gets in the way and I much prefer this type of ad over a big full-pager that I have to close, which by the way, you will see when you click the all quotes button. Under that banner are the Show all Quotes and Random Quote buttons, I’ll let you take a guess at what these do. The last thing that happens takes place outside of the app in the notification shade. When you see the lightbulb in the notification tray, pull it down to see the new quote that is waiting for you. You can also click the notification and it will take you to the full app. That’s all she wrote on this simple little app to keep you inspired.

No app is perfect


I do have a few small things that bug me about this app. The First is I seem to get notified more that once a day at 7:05am like I set the notifications to. I’m not sure why this is happening. Two, when scrolling through the quotes by clicking the random quote button I saw a lot of duplication, with 1200 quote in the library I should be able to click for an hour and not see the same one twice. And the third thing is when clicking on the all quotes button they are too far apart and it takes a lot of scrolling to get to a few quotes in this mode. Number 4 is the full page ad that I have to close to see all the quotes. I dislike these types of ads and think app developers should do away with them.

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