When Pushbullet went paid, everyone freaked out. Every well-known tech site scrambled to get something along the lines of “Best alternatives to Pushbullet” on their page. Some people just went ahead and paid like it was no big deal. Long story short, the only reason I still have Pushbullet on my device now is so I can be notified when there are new TeamBlackOut apps. I now use Join for all my file pushing, notification mirroring, and clipboard sharing needs. Join is brought to you by joaomgcd, the same person who brought Tasker users AutoVoice, AutoInput, and AutoWear. Here are the features that the app brings to the table:

  • Respond to SMS from other devices
  • Sync notifications
  • Share clipboard
  • Push files
  • Locate devices
  • Send Tasker commands
  • Many, many more


SetupScreenshot_2016-05-07-19-30-32 (1)

Setting up Join is very simple and took me less than 30 seconds. The intro screen takes you through adding your account and enabling Join’s SMS service. After that, you can enable Join’s accessibility service so it can write to your clipboard. You can also activate notification access, so your notifications can sync to your other devices. After that, you can go through the same process on your other devices such as:

  • Windows 10 devices
  • Browsers via web app
  • Chrome via extension
  • Other Android devices
  • Firefox (still being worked on)

User InterfaceScreenshot_2016-05-07-18-55-11

Join is a very minimalistic app with devices listed on the front page and a hamburger menu for other options. Everything is very fluid and pushing between devices is almost instantaneous. Join is an option in Android’s native share menu, and that is taken a step further with Direct share support, which allows you to specifically select a device to share your content to.

Ad ObtrusivenessScreenshot_2016-05-07-20-40-41

Join has very minimal adverts that do not hinder the app in any way. If they still bother you, you can disable them after paying for the app. That being said, there is an option to still show ads after you paid, just in case you want to help out the dev that little bit more.





Join for Android has a one-time in-app purchase of four dollars to remove ads and enable all features. However, getting Join on Windows 10 is an additional $1.49. I don’t think this is expensive at all considering all the functionality that comes with Join, and I’d much rather pay $5.49 once than three or more dollars a month (Pushbullet).


Join is a wonderful app with a bunch of functionality. You can share your notifications, respond to SMS, and share your clipboard, but there is so much more. Join offers far more control over your devices than Pushbullet does, at a fraction of the cost.

Download and install Join from the Google Play Store.

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