Land Sliders is a fun platforming game that tasks you with guiding your character around a level to collect items and navigate obstacles and enemies in an infinite climb until you die. You can play as some interesting things, like animals and even a clothes dryer.

Developer: PrettyGreat

Cost: Free (with Ads and Microtransactions)


Land Sliders has a unique control scheme, having you slide the land around your character instead of navigating your character around a static plane. It is an interesting way to navigate., and allows you to more easily slide around and dodge obstacles compared to a traditional dragging your character method, I found. Gameplay is rather simplistic, you just collect all the items, and occasionally complete quests to gain more items and gold which can be used to unlock more characters. The levels are infinite, so you just have to keep going for as long as you can, until you fail and have to start over.

Land Sliders has a voxel-style art design, with angles and cell-shaded graphics and bright colors. The player characters are all cute and simple and there are a lot of them, over 123 at the time of writing. The enemies are cute as well, with bears and dinosaurs, as well as a myriad of other things out to get you on your rise to the top of the levels. The music is a bit repetitive for me, offering little variation and on longer runs could get to be tedious to listen to. It’s a catchy tune, however, so I wouldn’t say it’s all bad in that department.

Microtransactions and ads are present, as ever, but not too intrusive. The ads are barely there, to be honest, and only really pop up periodically after you die to offer a continue for watching a video. The microtransactions are mainly cosmetic and allow you to unlock characters faster which is fine enough. Unlocking characters organically through gameplay isn’t too much of a grind, and the game has a free gift every 30 minutes or so, generally giving you currency or characters randomly which is a nice incentive to come back. I’d definitely say that Land Sliders is a solid reasonable value for a free-to-play game.


I really enjoyed playing Land Sliders, and would definitely say it’s worth a look. It has excellent replay value with a ton of characters and levels to explore, but it may be a bit light on substantial content for older folks. This is a great time for kids, to be sure, as it’s short bursts of fun and zany character choices make for a humorous experience.

Download Land Sliders on the Google Play Store

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