Load links the correct way with Link Bubble [App of the Day]

When browsing the Internet on your smartphone, there are a few problems when you need to click on a link. Take the official Twitter app, for instance. If you click on a link, the browser needs to load, then continues to launch the dedicated app for that link. Or when you’d like to load multiple links at the same time, similar to what you can do on the computer, it’s a pretty big headache. Well, Link Bubble is here to help!

From the developer of the ever-so-popular Action Launcher, Chris Lacy is back with his next app innovation. Link Bubble aims to save you time that your browser would normally take to load a link. When you click on a link in any app, a bubble pops up on the edge of your screen – not unlike Facebook Messenger Chat Heads. The link will begin to load in the background, allowing you to still browse content in your app. When the link is loaded, it animates to the screen.

Link Bubble

Here’s where the fun part kicks in. When you’re done reading, either back out of the bubble or long-press the bubble and flick it to one of the corners of your device. You can flick it to the trash, to the sharing bubble, or a shortcut to save it to Pocket.

Link Bubble 2

There’s also added functionality that allows you to redirect links to an app (Instagram, Twitter) rather than wasting your time by adding a step to the process. The app is free, but we’d urge you to spring for the pro version for the extra features.

The pro key lets you load multiple bubbles AT THE SAME TIME. It also allows you to load links from all apps on your device (the free version intercepts links from only one app). It also acts as a little donation to Mr. Lacy for doing such a good job on this one. The pro version will set you back $4.99, but it’s definitely worth it.

This app is already helping me out quite a bit. It’s really innovative, not to mention a fun way to browse. Click the Play link to try it out!

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