LogMeOnce: Safe, fast, and secure password management (Review)


For some, password managers are an essential part of life. For others, they’re quite unnecessary. Personally, prior to doing this post, I was in the second camp. Why would I want to give my passwords to some company I had never heard of and then shell out money for a glorified password journal? That is, I felt this way until LogMeOnce made me reconsider.


User Interface

Screenshot_2016-04-24-07-37-52LogMeOnce is a great app, but its UI leaves a lot to be desired. The app feels like little more than a bookmark shortcut. After this initial turn-off, however, I noticed a few things.The app is very fast and responsive, with no need to double and triple-tap just to get something to work. Logging into the app takes only 4 seconds, though logging in every time gets a little tedious. I guess there’s just some sacrifices you have to make for the sake of security.


Initial sign up for LogMeOnce was a breeze. After typing my basic info, I got an email to confirm my account and bam, I was ready to add passwords. Adding my first password (and only one for the sake of this review) took maybe 30 seconds. All I had to do was go into the secure browser, navigate to the page, login, and LogMeOnce did the rest.


Screenshot_2016-04-29-19-36-58Just a few of LogMeOnce’s features are password randomization, single sign-on, X.509 certificate authentication, backup and restore, and much more. However, there’s one feature that makes it stand out: Mugshot. This feature makes it so that when someone attempts to log into your LogMeOnce and fails, it takes a photo of them and collects their IP. If the login attempt wasn’t you, there’s an easy option to report it. As you can see in my screenshot to the right of this, my failed attempt was captured with a front and back facing photo, device info, my IP at the moment, and the exact date and time it happened. I should’ve reported myself but I got the login right on the second try, so all was good with the world.


IMG_20160424_073722LogMeOnce has three levels: Free (Premium), $1/month (Professional), and $3.25/month (Ultimate). Just as a little comparison, Dashlane premium costs $39.99 a year, which is the same price as LogMeOnce Ultimate. Lastpass is $12 a year, which is the same as LogMeOnce Professional. So LogMeOnce is in the same range as others and is definitely a good option for enterprises.


LogMeOnce is a great app that definitely has the right idea when it comes to security. Users can add their logins easily and even produce a random password for it. It’s always accessible and, if anyone tries to log in wrongfully, Mugshot will capture them and their IP. As soon as the UI is made to look a little easier on the eyes, it will easily be able to rise to popularity.

Download and install LogMeOnce from the Google Play Store.

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