So you call yourself a strategy buff aye? Get ready to build,conquer and destroy with a recently released strategy MMO title by Plarium Global Ltd. AndroidGuys took a step inside this arena and suited up for war. Lets jump right in and find out what we thought of MageCraft:The War in today’s game review.

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MageCraft: The War

If you’re looking to rule your kingdom with countless options such as micro management, creating or joining player alliances or just seeing how well you can lead your people into its glory days than MageCraft:The War might be the title for you. Starting off with just a few resources and buildings you’re quickly greeted with a very helpful adviser getting you going learning just the basics on game play and before this short in-game tutorial was over your left with an established kingdom ready to try your own luck at ruling. I noticed right away there was very short build times for almost everything needed to get you going but after a while of gaming that slowly changed to longer and longer wait times to carry out the things needed to keep chugging along. MageCraft:The War is a free to play game but offers in-app purchases which I found to be somewhat pricey so if you plan on letting someone else play on your device you might want to consider locking your wallet because at its most expensive purchase $99.99 is sure to break someones expectations.

After a little building and training of the forces you can switch between multiple map views to start your conquest of domination or reinforcement directing troops and resources across the map with stunning graphics to give yourself a little eye candy while playing. Your also allowed to attack and raid as you please but be prepared to do some reading as actual battle results are text-based and not much ability is given to strategizing your battles outside of selecting unit type and numbers. Or if you would rather stay away from the masses also playing online, Plarium Global was able to squeeze in plenty of quests to do on your own. There is also a global chat bar readily available to open a line of communication with the many other players and alliances however I did find it difficult to use with the many force closes while attempting to chat. There was also some sudden force closes of the game itself that proved to be unreliable after vigorously maintaining my castle only to log back on and find my game play reverted back an hour.

What We Liked:

  • Good graphics
  • Easy start-up
  • Lower build times than similar games
  • Create and micro-manage all aspects of a city builder
  • Great start-up tutorial

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Occasional force closes
  • Expensive in-apps
  • Random user kingdoms no longer live
  • Extensive learning curve

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