The MEATER Block is an impressive wireless meat thermometer system designed to bring precision and convenience to your grilling and smoking adventures.

The device consists of a sleek, compact charging block with four built-in probes, each equipped with advanced sensors. The charging block itself has a modern and minimalist design, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen or outdoor cooking setup.

The probes are made of high-quality stainless steel and are thoughtfully designed to be durable and easy to clean.

The MEATER Block is a valuable tool for both amateur and seasoned grill masters who take their cooking seriously. By that we also mean “people who are willing to spend a fair amount of money for their cooking or grilling adventures”, too. At $299 it’s not exactly an impulse item.

It caters to those who love hosting outdoor barbecues and indoor dinner parties, as well as anyone who enjoys the art of cooking and wants to achieve optimal results with minimal effort. The device is also an excellent addition to the arsenal of professional chefs who require precise temperature control in their culinary creations.

At the heart of the MEATER Block system are the four high-quality stainless-steel probes, each equipped with dual temperature sensors. One sensor measures the internal temperature of the meat, while the other monitors the ambient temperature of the cooking environment. These sensors work in harmony to provide reasonably accurate readings, allowing users to gauge the meat’s doneness and the cooking environment’s heat level simultaneously.

The MEATER Block’s charging block is not only a charging station but also the hub that connects the probes to the app and the cloud. The charging block comes with four slots to accommodate the probes when not in use. When the probes are inserted into the block, they automatically pair with the app on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, depending on your preference and setup.

Once the probes are paired with the app, they establish a wireless connection, enabling real-time data transmission between the MEATER Block and your device. This wireless capability allows you to monitor your cooking progress from up to 165 feet away, theoretically.

Whether you’re inside your home, chatting with guests, or simply taking a break, you can keep an eye on the cooking process without being tied to the grill or oven. To be clear, we did run into the occasional disconnection or notification that a probe was not being read but this was very infrequent. It was more of an issue in the original model we tested a few years ago to be sure.

The MEATER app serves as the central control panel for the MEATER Block system. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Upon connecting to the probes, the app displays the current temperature of each meat probe and the ambient temperature.

As you cook, the MEATER app continuously updates the temperature readings, allowing you to track the progress of your food accurately. The app’s user-friendly interface displays the temperature graph, showing how your food is cooking over time.

Additionally, and also pretty handy for people who might need a bit of a helping hand in the kitchen, the app offers pre-set cooking options for various types of meat. This makes it simple for users to select the appropriate setting for their desired level of doneness.

What We Liked

  • Wireless Convenience: The MEATER Block’s wireless design allows for easy monitoring without being tethered to the grill or oven
  • Accurate and Reliable: The dual temperature sensors deliver accurate readings, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection
  • User-Friendly App: The smartphone app is intuitive, user-friendly, and makes it easy to track and control the cooking process
  • Versatility: With four probes and various cooking presets, the MEATER Block accommodates different cooking styles and a wide range of meats
  • Durable Build: The stainless-steel probes and well-crafted charging block contribute to the device’s overall durability

What Could Be Better

  1. Price Point: The MEATER Block’s premium features come at a cost, making it relatively more expensive than traditional meat thermometers.
  2. Battery Life: While the MEATER Block’s battery life is generally sufficient for most cooking sessions, some users may find it limiting during extended cooking times.


Is the MEATER Block a game-changer for those who are passionate about grilling and cooking? Maybe? Its sleek design, impressive performance, and wireless convenience make it a valuable addition to any kitchen or outdoor cooking setup. But you need to be intentional about your chef game.

While you can definitely find less pricey meat thermometers on the market, there’s something compelling about being able to see how much time is left on a cook. Or to look back on a previous grilling for those steaks everyone still talks about. Or to tap into an app for some extra assistance.

The often-precise temperature readings and user-friendly app empower users to cook with confidence, while the durable build ensures long-term use. Quite simply, take care of your equipment and you should get a long lifetime of usability from it.

The MEATER Block’s features and results make it a worthwhile investment for serious cooks who prioritize precision and convenience in their culinary endeavors.

The price may be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers. If you’re just getting started in the world of advanced grilling or leveling up your kitchen prowess, you might want to look at the single probe version that is the MEATER Plus ($99).

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