In today’s world, there are many different companies that deal with media storage, but you need a few different ones to make sure you can store it all. MiMedia is a mass media storage solution that can handle all your digital storage needs.

Developer: MiMedia Inc
Cost: Free ( In-app upgrade for more storage)


  • Cloud Storage of all types of media
  • Cross Device/Platform compatibility
  • Private sharing
  • One Click Uploads from Flickr, Facebook Dropbox, and Google Plus
  • Easy organization of media.
  • Built in Rediscovery


Start Screen
Start Screen

Mass storage is an area covered by a few big names. There are a couple that come to mind like Google, who brings two different products to the game, and Dropbox. To be competitive, you have to try and set yourself apart. The biggest advantage MiMedia is its ability to cover all media in one product. Some may cover photos and video while some may cover all media but may be more expensive. This product covers all your digital files with pricing options that fit your budget.

There are quite a few things to cover, but let’s start with design. It’s very clean and beautiful and feels like there is the spirit of material design in the animation, such as tapping the menu button and the menu slides from the left side. However, they put their own spin on it like holding down a photo to “flick” it add it where you want to like sharing or moving it to a MiDrive. Everything is clear and easy to understand and locate.

The process of uploading and sharing content is made easy. You are given the option of uploading from the device you’re on or from other services like Facebook and Dropbox. Music and documents are the exceptions to this as they need to be uploaded from your computer. Sharing is a two click process. Simply tap the media you want to share and the tap the service you want to share it on.

MiMedia also offers you the options of building collections of media as well as what they call


their Midrives. While both of these options are similar what separates them is Midrive’s ability to create a drive that can be shared with others in a way that the people you share with can chat and add media to the drive.

Depending on the amount of files you have stored in your MiMedia, it can be hard to find certain files which is why it has the ability to favorite those files you want easy access to and stores them in a favorites folder. Of course, once you can always change your mind and unfavorite it.

With MiMedia being cross platforms there are some limitations. The aforementioned Music and documents only being able to be uploaded from a computer being one of those. Documents present another problem as well. Not only can you only upload them from the computer, but you can only view them from the computer. Even if you favorite the document it only shows up on the computer version.

Another limitation is when you upload media you are limited to Facebook and Dropbox in the app. If you are uploading from a computer you also have the ability to upload from Flickr and Google+ as well. This feature is coming to the app later so it’s only an inconvenience for a while.

The biggest thing that needs to be fixed is the lack of editing. None of the media you upload can be edited inside the service, this includes documents. This means you will still need another program for that which kind of sucks, but I’m sure the team will rectify this. Hopefully sooner than later.

New Update
MiMedia11Today MiMedia has announced a brand new feature that none of the other services easily offer, Live Wallpaper. This is the way the process works. From any Photos, Collections or MiDrive you set the photos you want as a live wallpaper, and how often you want the to rotate and you’re done. What’s cool about this update is if you set an entire shared MiDrive as your live wallpaper, anybody you have shared that drive with can add photos and it will show up as your wallpaper.



Price Options

MiMedia off you a range of affordable options that can easily fit your budget.

  • Starter
    Offers 10 GB Free
    2,500 Photos
    125 Videos
    2,000 Songs
    10,000 Documents
  • Basic
    Offers 500 GB $7.99/Month or $85/Year
    125,000 Photos
    6.250 Videos
    100,000 Songs
    500,000 Documents
  • Plus
    Offers 1 TB $9.99/Month or $99/Year
    250,000 Photos
    12,500 Videos
    200,000 Songs


MiMedia is not a name that pops up on many people’s radar when discussing media storage, but it should. Even with its flaws the entire product is just as good if not better in some aspects than others. If nothing else it’s worth trying out with the 10GB of free storage.

*Note: While MiMedia is more than an app, it’s a service. It should be noted that I only tested out the Android App and the PC-based versions. No Apple products were tested. *

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