Mobicartel’s Live Christmas Wallpaper

We have spoken about this before, but with Christmas right around the corner we thought we’d refresh your memory! Guy’s and Gals’ it’s that time of the year and in less than a week we will be gathered with loved ones, surrounded by holiday cheer.  Depending on where you reside, you either are sick of the snowy conditions or wishing when you awake Christmas morn’ you can feel that glee of seeing a snow flurry.

Which ever you are, don’t fret!  Your phone can still be the life of the Christmas party with @mobicartel’s live Christmas wallpapers. The boys’ @pixeladdikt & @matthewpatience of mobicartel know how to do it right when designing their apps.  They created two Christmas themed live AND interactive backgrounds. The first and my favorite is the White Holiday version. With this wallpaper you will have live and flawless snow when you give your phone a little shake. See a train go by the sparkling lit up Christmas tree.  Then tap on the star on top to light up your home screen even more!  Keep watching to see Santa’s sleigh fly by with all the reindeer in their place.  The cutest aspect of this version is the little Andy with his Santa hat.  Andy the Android will even jump up and down when you tap on him.

The other version of these awesome Christmas themed backgrounds is directed more towards the dark android user, hence the name Dark Holiday. All the same aspects are there…but with a goth twist.  You still have the snow, but the tree isn’t green and there are no presents.  There is however a dieing lookin’ white tree topped with a skull that lights up with bright red eyes.  This dark tree is now surrounded by broken bottles, glocks, and ladies unmentionables.  Santa’s sleigh is replaced with a creepier form on a dragon, and the train is now a horse pulling a crazy cat.  Cute little Andy is now a “cute” teddy bear holding a bloody knife, lol.

These live wallpapers not only turn your Android home-screen into a interactive holiday game, but it also doesn’t have a devastating effect on your battery.  This to me is one of the main reasons I don’t use a lot of live wallpapers, and why i enjoy this one so much.  The white and dark holiday’s are available in the market for only .97¢.  With all the interactive and awesomeness its worth it and for the next week you can be apart of the holiday cheer!

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