MobiKin Assistant for Android: Fast, easy device management (review)


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a PC-based device management tool for Android devices that offers easy to use data backup tools but doesn’t come cheap.

  • Developer: Mobikin
  • Cost: $29.95 for full version (free trial version is available)


The application itself works with any Android or iOS device and is fairly easy to work with. Android devices generally work better, however, as they can enable USB debugging easier through the developer options. There are two ways to connect your device to MobiKin Assistant for Android: USB or WiFi. The WiFi option works surprisingly well, but for the sake of more consistent connection, I’d suggest sticking with USB.

1Setup is fairly easy, all you need to do is run the app, plug in your phone and let it work. MobiKin Assistant for Android installs a .APK file to your device for facilitating the transfer of data, and that’s all it takes.

Once your device is recognized, the program gives you a nice visual menu that lists all your data by category and allows you to import and export them, delete them, or make save files for backup and restore. It’s simple, straightforward, and does everything quickly.


Everyone should back up their data from time to time. It helps keep your device safe, and also allows you to clear out storage so you can add even more. Those without expandable storage phones could especially benefit from data backup and device management software. That is the primary focus of MobiKin Assistant for Android. It is a PC application for device management that not only allows you to backup contacts from Android, but also backup text messages, applications, and photos to an easily recoverable file for safe-keeping or as a device restore option.

MobiKin Assistant works well and has a good set of features for managing the storage space on your device, including external storage on supported devices. It does, however, come at a price, and the free trial version really doesn’t give the full picture on what this software can really do.

MobiKin Assistant for Android can be a powerful tool for a lot of people who want to make a reliable local copy of their data, and the free trial should do a better job of showing just how useful it can be.

The user interface is simple and doesn’t have a lot going on. It just has a few tabs for your assorted data, and what you can do with it. Also, it offers some extensions that you can download to add additional functionality but I don’t necessarily think you’d need them.

There is not too much to say about the actual look and feel of the program, as it just does the job plain and simple. The mobile app the PC version installs does even less, as it only runs when your phone is plugged in and in USB debugging mode, only showing you a static screen. You can’t use it to do any sort of data management from your device itself, which is a bit of a disappointment.


2One other thing I have to complain about is the price, as the free version only lets you see the data and not manipulate it in any way, so in order to get any features, you have to shell out thirty bucks or more.

I would have liked to see a bit more from the free version, especially since there are definitely other options out there for Android data management. Also, a lot of people may not see the point of a backup program in general, seeing as there are other options as well as built-in backup from Google and other apps through the cloud. A physical backup is never a bad idea, however, and this app is a great tool for those who like to have a reliable local backup of all their data and info.

Really, this app may be the most beneficial for those who root their devices and want to create a more easily accessible backup of their data in case they mess up. For those who are just looking to make space, I’d recommend the cloud storage options available as they are easier and can be set to back up automatically.


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a fine option for those looking to back up data or increase their storage capacity in their devices. However, it’s definitely not the cheapest option for data backup, and the cloud is slowly becoming more popular and is a reliable, usually more affordable way to back up your data.

If you need to use your PC to manage your Android device data and don’t mind dropping the cash on some decent software, then I’d definitely recommend MobiKin Assistant for Android. It works, and it’s easy enough for almost everyone to use.

Download MobiKin Assistant for Android from their website here

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