Monster Beans: Simple game that’s simply fun! (Review)



There are a plethora of simple tap games in the Play Store; games that are no more than tapping the screen to accomplish a goal. Monster Beans falls slap dab in the heart of that category.

Developer: Switch Mediaworks Co
Cost: Free with in-app purchases


Game Play
Game Play

Monster Beans is yet another take on the genre made famous by Flappy Bird. The goal is to make the monsters eat the beans and stack themselves as high as they can go. You have two monsters to make this happen. A purple one and a yellow one. Each can only eat the beans that match their color. If they eat the wrong color, then…barf, right on the screen.

Your score is measured by meters and with every bean you eat, your potential score gets higher. You can increase the potential meters your monster can attain a couple of different ways. First off is just by hitting your score milestones. When you hit them, your potential increases. You can also unlock more powerful monsters by watching videos or connecting your Facebook account. Failing that, you can use in-app purchases which run $2.19.

One thing that is impressive about this game is how attractive the graphics are. Some of the games in the same style such as the aforementioned Flappy Birds use pixelated graphics. While that is all good and well, it’s nice to see more modern graphics used.


Monster Beans isn’t an overly complicated game that requires tons of skill, but it is a game that can sneak up on you. I’ve used this saying before, but it’s true for this one as well. It’s the kind of game that you start playing and you keep saying one more time and that time never seems to come.

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