Help UV fight through 90 fun-filled levels all to find his fellow Moonwalkers. During his journey, he must find the Legendary Shroom of Power to guide him as he takes on Lazy Monsters, M1 M1s, One-Eyed Crab Bros, and more.

Developer: Vibhav Chitale

Cost: Free (ad-supported)


Moonwalker is a game with simple controls. You tilt the phone left and right to go forward or backward, and tap the screen to jump. It’s really that simple. There is the option to use on-screen buttons, but they aren’t efficiently placed. The game’s concept is simple enough: you dodge or kill enemies and collect stars and power-ups to make it to the exit.

Store Menu
Store Menu

You may need help getting through the levels, so there are four different power-ups you can purchase with stars collected during your journey. You can skip the level, kill all the monsters, stay purple, or remove roots. Don’t spend all you stars, though, as they are also needed to unlock the next level. If you do run out you can always go back to easy levels and gather some.


This is an easy-to-learn/play game and it’s another game I refer to as a “Doctor’s Office Game” that you can pull out anywhere. The only difference is that there’s an ultimate goal. What makes this game enjoyable is the story that goes along with it. The developer didn’t take the game too seriously and it showed.

Now the bitter-sweet deal: ads. At the end of every four levels, you are offered the chance to double the stars you collected in those levels by watching an ad. It’s really not too bad.


This game is one of the most fun games I have played in a while. It’s easy enough to play and win, yet there are some challenging parts that keep you coming back. The developer made good use of the phone’s sensors for controls and the graphics are well done. It reminds me of the joy I had playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I haven’t finished the game, but I do hope they add more levels or make a sequel to the game.

Download and install Moonwalker from the Google Play Store.

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