I don’t know about you, but I often get bored with the sounds my phone makes. So I try to change my ringtone or my sound alarm as often as I can. That’s why I’ve tried numerous ringtone apps throughout the years. Luckily, there’s a large variety of them to choose from. Which brings me to the latest app I’ve downloaded. It’s called Most Popular Ringtones Free and it’s a pretty straightforward app – easy to use, but sadly also quite easy to forget.

Developer: TM

Cost: Free


Getting started is super easy. Tap on the Most Popular Ringtones Free icon and …you’ll be greeted by the app’s welcome screen, followed by a super annoying ad. Whoa, that didn’t take long!

Anyhow, find the “X” on the upper left corner and tap on it to get rid of it. Finally, you’ll be transported within the app where you’ll see the list of ring tones. It’s not a super extensive one, but there are plenty of choices including bits like “Comet Journey”, “Introspective Tine” or “Dubtrance Sense”.

Tap the “Play” button to listen to the ringtone and adjust the volume using the volume slider located at the top. However, don’t expect to find anything too complex. This app simply offers a database of basic sounds reminiscent of the ones your phone comes loaded with. But if you already used all of them up, you’ll probably be grateful for this app.

Once you have zeroed in on a particular Ring Tone, press the next button and proceed to set it as:

–    Main ringtone
–    Contact ringtone
–    SMS/Notification
–    Alarm Tone
–    Timer
–    Widget

The “Set as Alarm” option will not affect existing alarms, but only the new ones you create. Users can easily delete existing alarms and create new ones.

To set a Ringtone as a widget you can either go to Home Screen>Press Menu button on phone>Add>Widget>Choose Most Popular Ringtones Free>Choose sound or go to Home Screen>Long press on desktop> Widget>Choose Most Popular Ringtones Free>Choose a sound. It depends on the kind of phone you have. Anyway, once you perform this string of actions, a widget will pop up on your Home Screen allowing you to play the Ring Tone anytime you want simply by tapping on the icon.

As I mentioned above, the app is pretty straightforward, but it’s also quite lacking in some areas. First off, the interface seems pretty ancient, I would have liked to be able to work with something more modern. Secondly, it would be have been nice not to be spammed by an ad every time you tapped on an option. I also noticed that some ringtones aren’t as loud of others. What’s up with that?

Another major issue with this app is that it offers next to nothing in terms of customization. So if you don’t like anything in the list, you might as well just uninstall the app and be done with it.

To be frank, using this app brought back the nostalgia of Ringtone Maker. The app allows users to select music from their personal collection, cut it down and even adjust things like waveform to create the desired effect. It comes equipped with great editing tools, so you’ll be able to get your custom ringtone in no time.


Most Popular Ringtones Free doesn’t bring much to the table, aside from a (small) collection of pretty rudimentary ringtones. Some tunes work better than others and if you want to truly customize your ringtone, you might as well just skip this app and install Ringtone Maker or a similar title.

Download Most Popular Ringtones Free from the Google Play Store

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