If you’re my age, you likely grew up playing your first video games on the Atari 2600. As a young child I fell in love with Q-Bert and its simple premise and mechanics.  Fast forward a few decades to the first generation of Android smartphones and we had games like Doodle Jump to keep us entertained for hours on end.

Today, however, our mobile phones are super powerful and can handle all sorts of graphic-intense demands. Sure, we still play plenty of casual games with our devices, but they’re designed to handle so much more.

Look through some of the top first-person shooters or racing games and you’re bound to see spectacular effects such as dust particles, dynamic lighting, and life-like water. What happens when you squeeze some of those polished and refined features into a game with a more casual and carefree approach? I suspect it looks a lot like Zynga’s latest Android game, Mountain Goat Mountain.

First Impressions

Upon first opening the game up I thought that Mountain Goat Mountain was a one-trick pony that would get old quickly. The premise? You have to hop your goat character up the mountain as high as possible. To do so, you move in diagonal directions by tapping or swiping the screen.

Looking very much like a cross between the aforementioned Q-Bert and Doodle Jump, I quickly realized there’s a lot more at work in this one.

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Not only are you drawn to constantly shoot for a higher score, but you’re collecting coins along the way. What’s more, you’re on the lookout for obstacles and items that will stand in your way or hinder progress.

That sounds all too familiar to a lot of you, I know. But, give Mountain Goat Mountain a half hour of your time and you’ll realize that the developers put a lot of effort into the game. See, the coins you collect can be used to unlock other goats. Said goats come with their own music, board layout, and a completely refreshed look. Unlock, or purchase (in-app) a few goats and that’s when you really see the polish.

Graphics and Replay Value

The graphics, which are cute and cuddly, are very detailed. Much attention has been paid to the hillside, falling hindrances, and other moving parts. This is accentuated when moving to different goats.

With nearly two dozen characters to choose from, Mountain Goat Mountain is able to shake up and refresh the same mechanics over and over. And, really, who isn’t motivated by the desire to one-up your high score? Speaking of which, the Google Play Games lets you see how you stack up against other players, too.

Additional Options

If you’re the kind who would prefer to simply pay your way through a game, you’ll be somewhat dissatisfied. Yes, you can buy goats for $.99 a piece but that’s basically it. There’s no way to boost your score or improve your goat’s capabilities.

There are a number of player-defined settings in Mountain Goat Mountain that can improve your experience. This includes, enabling and disabling music sound effects, adjusting frame rate, and selecting the preferred method of hopping.

Although there are ads that can be watched in the game, it’s very few and far between. In fact, I can only recall being asked if I would like to watch a clip in exchange for coins. Otherwise, the game flows right along. Die, and you’re right back at the beginning, ready to roll.

What We Liked:

  • High replay value
  • Graphics are better than expected for a game of this nature
  • Family-friendly
  • Very few ads

Room for Improvement:

  • Music gets a little repetitive
  • Would like to purchase all goats at a discounted rate


I appreciate that Mountain Goat Mountain is a fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Although I was the first to find it in my household, my son has managed to unlock far more goats than me in the last few days. We’re now competing for high scores and achievements and neither of us has invested a dime.

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