Ever since I can remember I’ve been a fan of music. Actually I like to say I’m a being made of music, because music has always followed me around throughout my existence. I have a varied taste and go throw periods when I like to listen to post-rock a lot, followed by weeks when my playlist is dominated by deep-house or techno.

That’s why I’ve always had a music player app installed on my phone. And since there is a myriad of options available in the Google Play Store, I tried a number of them. Which brings us to the app I’m going to review today. It’s simply called n7player and it’s an intuitive, easy to use music playing app I really enjoyed using lately.


Just download the app for free from the Google Play Store. Once installed on your device, n7player will automatically scan your phone and populate the app interface with the albums/tracks it finds. It can recognize mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv, flac and acc and will display the tracks by artists, albums, tracks or genres. I prefer to view them by Albums especially since the app also shows the accompanying Album Art.


The app is quite easy to use and plentiful in customization options. However, some features are locked and you’ll have to pay if you want to take advantage of them – for example, changing the skins of your music player.

To get started, find the track you want to listen to and just tap Play.  If the tunes don’t come out sounding the way you’d like, the good news (especially for more demanding users) is that you have an (10 band) equalizer option at your disposal. Among other things like letting you boost the Bass or Treble via separate controls, allows you to create your customized pre-amp, channel balance, audio normalization and surround effects. The app also brings features like repeat once, repeat all, shuffle plus easily accessible current queue of tracks.

As I mentioned above, your tracks show up categorized as artists, albums, tracks or genres. You can easily filter what you see, meaning you can hide certain albums you don’t want to see at the moment or limit your music library to a few specified folders.

There’s also a tag cloud layout, which enables you to see all the tracks listed under a particular genre by virtue of a single tap. A built-in tag editor is also available, so you can organize your library in no time. Tagging a song is supe easy. Just tap on the album, then the respective song and find the “Edit tag” option in the menu that pops up. From the same menu you can add the tune to a certain playlist or add to queue or view the lyrics.

Have a headset you’d rather listen to music with? N7player will respond to the headset’s controls allowing you listeners to skip to the next song or go back to the previous one.

When it comes to visual customization the app lets you do a few things. With n7player you can select a notification theme or preferred widgets and change your lockscreen. Still you should keep in mind that most of the free customization options are simple toggles and you won’t be able to do things like change fonts or layouts. For a different skin, you’ll need to pay a small fee ($3.49).

It’s also worth mention that if you connect your n7player to ToasterCast you will be allowed to stream music on external devices via Chromecast/AirPlay/DLNA.


For me, the n7player worked like a charm. I loved the modern, clean user interface, but more (free) visual customization options would be very welcomed. As for features, I was quite satisfied with what the app offered especially the equalizer option.

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  1. What about gapless playback? That is very important for me, someone who listens to a lot of trance, as well as live albums. I’m currently using PowerAmp (have been for over 5 years) and I have yet to find something that comes even close. Willing to give this a try though if it does gapless.

  2. Careful upgrading to premium. Soon after i paid (I think it was $4) they updated the app and I lost all the premium features and all the ads came along with offers to upgrade. Left a bad taste in my mouth,

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