Independent games may sometimes be ignored for their bigger-budget brothers, but this trend usually leads to indie developers investing more effort into creating innovative gameplay and design. While mainstream franchises are often predictable, indie games tend to manipulate the regular ingredients needed to make a game, in order to create a completely new experience.

Google itself has recognized the power of indie games when last year, it created a special Indie Corner in the Play Store, with the aim of allowing users to discover new titles more easily.

Even so, new indie titles are being added to the Play Store constantly, so even if you constantly check the section, some games might still slip through the cracks. So for the purpose of this article, we rounded up some cool, innovative indie games that we believe might pique your interest.


What it is:

A puzzle game by Martin Magni featuring expertly crafted graphics and up to 50 free levels to go through.

Why it’s fun:

  • As the player, your task is to help guide an adorable lost robot get home, through a series of miniature mechanical dioramas. Each diorama can be rotated 360-degrees, to be viewed from all sides.
  • As you progress, the levels get more maze-like and the quirky mechanics start to reveal themselves.
  • The game includes the ability to create your own levels with modular components, in the vein of Minecraft.
  • The game is based on the “pay what you want” system. If you want to contribute to the game you’re welcome to do so, but nothing is locked and there’s no energy or life that needs to be replenished so you can keep playing.

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Alto’s Adventure

What it is:

A visually stunning adventure game in which you join Alto and his friends on an endless snowboarding odyssey.

Why it’s fun:

  • It’s an addictive snowy endless runner challenge in which you race down the mountain, leap over chasms and rescue runaway llamas.
  • Controls are easy, single touch, but the game keeps things challenging with various missions and obstacles.
  • The animations and backgrounds are gorgeous, making the game not only fun to play but mesmerizing to watch. The soundtrack also provides an ambient immersive experience.

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The Battle of Polytopia

What it is:

A simple yet engaging strategy game with cute low poly graphics. It’s the first game developed by Stockholm-based indie game studio Midjiwan.

Why it’s fun:

  • Super-easy gameplay: just pick a tribe and do your best to spread across the map and conquer other tribes.
  • Evolve – the more settlements you conquer, the more starts you get. In turn, you can use these stars to unlock new technologies and buildings.
  • Each tribe starts off with a technological advantage of its own. For example, the Xin-xi can climb mountains.
  • You get multiple gaming modes (including Domination or Perfection) and difficulty modes.
  • Maps are almost never the same, as they are generated at random just like in Minecraft.

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What it is:

An unusual relaxation game, which wants to help you channel tranquillity every time you play it.

Why it’s fun:

  • Who says you have to get competitive while playing a game? GeoTap proves a game can have a soothing effect. Simply tap on the geometric figures to color the sides, while you enjoy the soothing soundscapes.
  • Unlock up to 30 unique shapes, as you play.
  • You get 3 unique gameplay “mood modes” including Classic, Tranquil and Focus. More will be added soon.
  • Helps players test their patience and dexterity.

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My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary

What it is:

A simulation game that provides users who need a break from life with a serene pastime that will calm their minds and souls.

Why it’s fun:

  • Trying to relax after a bad day? My Oasis aims to help you forget about your busy life by placing you in a beautiful virtual oasis.
  • Tap on tap on stuff and see what happens and upgrade your oasis. Collect hearts in order to be able to do so.
  • Some animals have a musical note hovering over their head. Tap on them and enjoy listening to the melodic voice of nature.

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Infamous Machine

What it is:

A beautiful point-and-click adventure game with a creative storyline for those with a love for alternative history.

Why it’s fun:

  • You play as Kelvin, the apprentice of a mad scientist who build a time machine. Now Kelvin must stumble through time to help geniuses across history complete their masterworks.
  • Superb graphics which will leave you craving more.
  • The dialogue is funny and the puzzles are moderate in difficulty.
  • Meet iconic characters from history like Beethoven, Da Vinci and Newton.

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Fluffy Fall

What it is:

Another endless runner game in which you control a cube-like creature as it falls down-down the rabbit hole through an endless series of obstacle-filled tubes.

Why it’s fun:

  • Survive the danger-filled tubes and earn as much Gold as you can. Use it to unlock more adorable cube-like monsters.
  • There’s a total of 60 fluffy creatures to unlock
  • The amazing 3D animation is guaranteed to offer hours of fun.

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Rusty Lake Paradise

What it is:

A point-and-click adventure with super interesting graphics and a unique story-line. Perfect for mystery fans!

Why it’s fun:

  • Lovers of dark, twisted tales will love Rusty Lake Paradise and its surreal atmosphere. The plot is based on the story of the ten plagues of Egypt.
  • Each plague brings with it its unique atmosphere and a series of Rusty Lake brain teasers.
  • Every plague has its own theme song and variations.

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What it is:

A mystic arcade game inspired by Greek mythology for those who love to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

Why it’s fun:

  • The story revolves around Hemera, the goddess of daylight. You need to step in and help her fight darkness and discover the secrets of the Astra universe.
  • Astra is an orbital runner. Hemera speeds walks, and when you tap the screen it causes her to jump. Tap the screen twice and Hemera begins her ascent to the nearest world.
  • The leaping around is spiced by the presence of wolves, fire-spewing spaceships, and other things to bounce into or destroy.

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Have you tried any of these games before? If not which one has caught your attention first?

Know any good indie apps that weren’t included below? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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