Ninja and Yokai, a game played on a grid, is a very unique app, with beautiful graphics and characters. However, the gameplay is a bit limited.

Let’s play!


00_ninja-yokai_reviewNinja and Yokai welcomes you with beautiful characters and a twist to the hero’s journey. Our hero Ink is a ninja (which sounds awesome). But, as it turns out, Ink is a coward who still wants to perform the heroic task of rescuing Princess Sakura, but not at the expense of harm.

Our character instead uses his planning skills and lightning-fast reflexes in order to avoid all battles and collect all the scrolls required to save the princess.


You must traverse each marked spot on the map.

Obstacles and prizes are strewn about the grid, with some obstacles turning into the dreaded yokai. The yokai are trouble, as they appear and take our hero down.

It is possible to accumulate prizes and then use these as “hints” that show you where the yokai are waiting to ambush Ink. If you use the hint, you can then draw your path to avoid the squares that the yokai can attack Ink from. Part of the fun is anticipating their attacks, so I did not employ the extra brushes Ink earns throughout the game.

Draw your path and click go.Ink’s path is full of… Ink! You need ink to draw your path but also to transform and hide from the yokai. When Ink transforms, he takes the shape of a bonsai, a golden statue of Buddha, and more.

If you run out of ink, you can’t transform. That’s trouble, as our ninja doesn’t appear too eager to fight and instead is taken down by the yokai every time.


The graphics are beautiful. The characters are clean and the scenic backdrops change with each level. Each backdrop seems to be more intricate than the previous, which is the same case for each grid our cowardly ninja Ink traverses.


The music is soothing and fitting. It is only interrupted when the yokai take down Ink. The music sounds like Japanese strings and woodwinds. It is a good accompaniment to the lack of battles to come.


Can’t go back? Now what?

I’m not sure if this is a game design, but at times, Ink can get stuck. You can only move forward by drawing a single continuous line through the grid. If you end up surrounded by obstacles, you cannot go back. The only button that works in this case is the pause button, where you will then have to restart the stage.

What I like:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Soothing music.
  • Backdrops and characters are gorgeous.
  • Whole game can be completed for free.
  • Appropriate for all ages.

Room for improvement:

  • There is no way to erase or redraw a line.
  • Because you cannot go back, Ink gets stuck. If you get stuck, there is no option but to restart the game.
  • Lack of gameplay variety. There are plenty of gorgeous graphics, but all Ink can do is follow the path and hide.


Ninja and Yokai is a fun game, but a bit limited. The sounds and graphics are beautiful and younger users will enjoy the game’s simplicity. However, after a while, interacting with the grid and hiding from the yokai do not seem like enough. Although the backgrounds, grids and obstacles change, the game variability does not and this can get a bit stale after a while.

Overall, this is a fun game with excellent illustrations, music and characters.

You can purchase brushes to skip levels.
You can purchase brushes to skip levels.

Download and install Ninja and Yokai from the Google Play Store.

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