Ninja Pug: The name sounds cooler than the game (Review)

When I first saw Ninja Pug in the Play Store, I said to myself, “Yes, I want to be an awesome ninja pug and kick the crap out of other ninja dogs.” But no, that is not at all what this game is about.

Ninja Pug, by developer Taldius, is a game about a ninja who is doing his best to save a pug from cannon balls that are being launched from a pirate (looking) ship. Now, other than the fact that the name is very misleading regarding the story of the game, I have a few issues with the basis of this game. First, I understand that both ninjas and pirates are cool but, why would a pirate be firing cannonballs at a single ninja on a beach? Second, why would the pug go stand directly below each cannonball as to need saving? And finally, THE PUG IS NOT THE NINJA!!!


Gameplay is simple, almost to a fault. Swipe from your character towards the cannonball to watch your ninja jump through the air to protect his pug friend. There are no menus to select, no buttons to click on, and no in-app purchases. All you can do is play!

Unfortunately, there is no diversity in gameplay at all. I quickly got my score up above 120 and became bored with the game. Some different skill challenges would be nice.

On the bright side, this game has no ads and is completely free. Great for children who like to tap the entire screen.


The graphics here are nothing to write home about. They’re standard retro graphics with an average pixelated feel. These could be spiced up a bit with a few bright colors or some additional details.

The animations appear smooth. The streak that appears behind the ninja as he flies from ball to ball is enough to let you know what is happening but nothing special.


Ninja Pug, while being repetitive, is a decent game. It’s a great way to have your kids pass the time when you need them to stay stationary and relatively quiet. With the lack of interesting graphics or any sense of increased difficulty, I would not recommend it to the adult audience.

Download and install Ninja Pug from the Google Play Store.

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