So its been a little over month since i’ve had my hands on my HTC One (M8) and all I have to say is, “Best phone I have ever used“. Sure you might be saying, “But David, you haven’t had the pleasure of getting your heart rate checked on my S5” or “Hey David, Android has nothing on my iPhone’s finger print reader.” Ok, I hear you and all I am going to say is watch the Gary Oldman video here and let the video speak for itself.

However, I am going to do a quick recap of the One review I did last April and let you know if I have changed my thoughts on certain features of the device!


The phone is still beautiful as ever, but I have slapped a Tech 21 case on it just for good measure, I despise covering up this metal masterpiece. However, it is slippery and I feel that is might fall out of my hand! I haven’t dropped it yet, thank goodness.   The phone fits great in my hand and I know some people have issues hitting the power button, but the double tap on the screen really eliminates the need for it.


The display has been fantastic, especially on sunny days at the beach!  I have slapped on a Skinomi screen protector, just for good measure.  HTC is still offering a free replacement screen if you happen to drop it within the first 6 months, through their “HTC Advantage Program.”


The One is wicked fast! I’ve throughly enjoyed being able to jump from one app or game to another without any hesitation.  I’ve also preloaded about 20GB of music onto my microSD card which has performed flawlessly.

Battery Life:

I still find myself around 40% before I slap it on the charger at night.  Now my daily routine is: up at 5:15am, drive to the gym (while playing music), workout with my bluetooth headset, go to work and return home around 5:00pm (medium usage) and having my Fitbit Flex connected and syncing in the background throughout the day. Overall the battery life couldn’t be better, compared with my previous devices, Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Moto X, I feel that the One has surpassed them all.

I still haven’t received the “Extreme power saving mode” feature on my phone, but when I do I will let you know, but I have heard good things!


I have really enjoyed getting use to Sense 6.  It is very easy to navigate and quite customizable compared to other headsets.  I have never had to restart my device because it was frozen or locked up.  I am a veteran user of Android, but I feel that even a beginner could easily navigate the settings to find whatever they needed.  HTC has done a superb job at making it super easy to find what you are looking throughout the phone.  No complaints here!


I never thought I would use BlinkFeed as much as I do, but it is just so easy to get all my social media updates in one place.  Even when the phone is locked I just swipe right and voila, BlinkFeed is ready to go and showing me everything I want to see! I have been very impressed with this feature!


It’s loud, clear, and it BOOMS! Enough said!


I have really enjoyed the camera app on the One.  It is easy to navigate and offers a host of filters and effects to create some really cool pictures.  With all that aside, the camera in general performs great, low light, bright light, it doesn’t matter.  The camera performs as a camera should.  The below slideshow is a picture with some applied effects.


The HTC One has performed flawlessly, as it should.  I haven’t had any disappointments with the device and I still highly recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome device, inside and out!  Let me know what you think of your One or if you have any questions, just post them in the comments below!

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  1. Hi David, thanks for the update — I’m enjoying my handset as well. One thing, though, I still haven’t figured out how to do: How can I customize the ‘recently used app’ button (in lack of the official term)? I like to set this button to bring up the settings option [of whatever app I’m in] by default, and recently used apps by long-pressing it. As I remember it from earlier HTC’s, this was customizable in the phone’s settings, but so far I haven’t found a way. Cheers for any feedback.

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