Planet Surfer is a cool concept with a fun aesthetic; you blast off from planet to planet, matching the color of your planet to the one to which you’re blasting off.

Developer: WebAlive

Price: Free (ad-supported, $1.07 to remove)


  • Blast off to faraway planets.
  • Play Support.
  • Challenging gameplay.


As with many casual games, there is minimal setup for this game. Planet Surfer automatically logs you into Google Play, but beyond that you’re good to go.


I’m torn on Planet Surfer. On the one hand, I am terrible at it. On the other, it’s a simple, if challenging game with good production value and a proper application of ads. Anyway. Here’s what I think of it, with just a hint of bitterness that – again – I’m terrible at this game.

PS High Score

The idea is simple; your spaceship revolves around a colored planet as it rotates in space, and when the tip of your ship is pointed toward another planet of the same color, you blast off toward it with a tap. If you land on a planet of a different color, your ship explodes. There are additional layers to the gameplay, including collectible stars that you can use as currency to buy additional rocket skins, and enemy rockets that will also explode your ship if you touch them. This happened a lot to me. I’m bad.


Unfortunately, Planet Surfer suffers from a similar problem as other “endless” games of its kind; you start from scratch every time, and by the time you reach the upper levels that make it interesting, you have 1) invested lots of time getting there, and 2) died many, many times in the process. And then when you finally do die on that record-setting run, you have nothing to show for it, nothing to do except start over.


One of the things that really stood out to me is the way the ads are implemented. There are no mandatory full-screen ads, and the only video ads are purely optional – and they reward you with stars for watching. The only other ads are small banners at the bottom of the screen – very unobtrusive. I’m impressed.

What I like

  • Adorable graphics.
  • Great ad scheme.
  • No in-app purchases!

What I don’t

  • I’m terrible at the game.
  • Repetitive and endless.


Planet Surfer is charming, but unfortunately suffers from the same problems as do most endless-style games; no sense of progression, and you start from scratch. Every. Time. Also, you will die. A lot. Every time, in fact. Every. Time.

Google Play Store –  Planet Surfer

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