Even if Google now offers a “New Indie Highlights” section in the Google Play Store, meant to help users discover titles – some games might still go unnoticed. Google’s section can only accommodate a handful of games, while dozens of new games are being added to the store every week, so it’s easy to see how a lot of worthy titles might slip between our fingers.

That’s why, if you are an Android gaming enthusiasts you should employ a secondary tool to help you navigate this endless cascade of content – like the PlayMobo app we’re going to be talking about today. Not only does PlayMobo allow gamers to navigate the crowd of Android pastimes in ingenious ways, but it also gives users the chance to earn gift packs and Amazon/Google Play gift cards.

Developer: Magic Entertainment Software

Cost: Free


Get started with PlayMobo by searching and following your favorite gaming titles. This way you make sure you’ll receive news stories (which show up in a feed), hints, tips, update info and promo offers – all related to these games. The Newsfeed includes recommended articles about games you might like, as well as suggestions to follow them.

Or you can simply start exploring on your own via the curated Featured section of the app. Here there are four lists of games including Newcomers, Top Searched, Cash Cow or Most Innovative. These recommendations will help you discover games much easier. Just tap on one and browse – once you find an appealing title, you can simply tap on it to learn more about the game.

Each listing includes a list of hog tags, screenshots, information about the game, as well as reviews and user comments – so you can easily decide whether you want to download the game on your device or not.

The app runs smooth with no hurdles or lags. I for one managed to rekindle my passion of time management restaurant games and discovered a few titles I haven’t tried out before thanks to it.

I mentioned above that PlayMobo isn’t just a simple aggregator of games. It also gives users a chance to earn points. For example, installing Rodeo Stampede –  a game that’s lets you expand and manage a zoo – will earn you 500P, playing daily for three minutes will award you an extra 1,300P. Gamers will also get a daily reward of 800P for keeping the game on their device.

Once you acquire enough points you will be able to unlock prizes like an Amazon Gift card or Google Play Gift Card of $10 for 100.000P. Gather 1,000,000P and you can win a $100 Amazon Gift card. Needless to say I’m far from reaching any of these threshold for now, but I’ve only been using the app for a week. Or if you prefer you can grab in-game items instead. What’s more, soon you’ll be able to redeem your points for PayPal Cash, Steam Points and Mgift cards.

When you feel like you’ve spent enough time playing games, you can go get involved in the community. Chat with fellow gamers, make some new friends and learn new things, gaming-related or not.


I really like the idea behind PlayMobo, which is providing a simple tool to help passionate gamers dig for hidden gems. In the brief time I’ve used the app, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with it – no glitches, random freezes or anything like that. The app runs the way it should run and is easy to figure out and utilize. It keeps all your favorite titles in one place and makes sure you never miss out on an update or game-related novelty. The app does deliver some adds, but from what I’ve seen so far, it does so in reasonable quantities, unlike some other apps I’ve tested.

Download PlayMobo from the Google Play Store

Want to learn more about PlayMobo, head over to their website and check it out.

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