In the world of weather apps, there are many to choose from. Many present you with every measurement that you could want and then some. There are also many that give you a minimum information for a quick reference. Poncho leans more towards the minimal side of the spectrum, but it’s how the information is presented that makes this app different.

Developer: Poncho Inc

Cost: Free


Poncho was first developed as text and email-based weather service, but quickly realized they needed to develop an app since people were using it as an alarm of sorts. It first launched on iOS and became available as a beta application for Android during Google I/O. So what makes this one cool app? Let’s find out.


First, Poncho is a cat weatherman. Yes, a cute little cat that will deliver your weather updates when you want them. He (not sure of the cat’s gender) allows you to set up what time you want the weather delivered to you in the morning, afternoon and once a day on the weekends. I have encountered one hiccup, though I haven’t received an afternoon one yet, not sure why.

There are a few different settings for your weather report. They include pollen count, barometer, and wind speed. There are some more neat little features like “Hair”, which lets you know if the weather will mess up your hair. Alternate side parking (which is only available in New York City currently) shows you where available parking is, and information on your public transit (if you’re in one of the supported cities).  All these settings can be turned off if you wish.

Poncho then takes all your settings and creates a report for you which is delivered at the times you wish. You may also pull this report at any time by simply going in the app. He always has some silly Gif or picture with something clever. It also has the current temp, hourly forecast, five-day forecast, and anything else that you have turned on in your settings.

It also is packing a couple extra features. It comes with a built-in alarm clock that you can

Yes, that's my referral code. Feel free to use it, wink wink.
Yes, that’s my referral code. Feel free to use it, wink wink.

set up for as many days of the week as you wish. They also have a free stuff section. That’s right, free. They offer sunglasses, water bottle, and a backpack. All you have to do is refer people. Five people get you the sunglasses, ten gets you the water bottle and fifteen lands you the backpack.


This app isn’t super loaded with tons of weather information, but it does give you a good overview of the day, in a cute way. One thing I think they are missing out on is a widget. This cat is too cute not to be able to have him on your screen giving you weather, so I think they do add that.

I also need to mention that it’s in open beta for now so you will need to opt in to get the app. I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention you can also use Poncho in Facebook Messenger just by giving him your town name or zip code. It’s fun, it’s free, and you get the chance to get free stuff so you have nothing to lose.

Join the Beta for Ponch

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