Powerness Solar Generator 300 review

The Powerness Solar Generator 300 is the perfect companion for your next camping trip, tailgate outing, or power outage. It offers a variety of ways to charge up your devices and a cheap and convenient way to fill up the portable power station by using the included solar panels.

Spring is upon us and soon summer will be here, and while both seasons bring some beautiful weather, they also bring their fair share of storms. As someone who has been through a hurricane, and narrowly avoided a couple of tornados, I’ve experienced dozens of power outages through the years.

Looking back, it would have been so helpful to have something more than a tiny power bank during all of these events. Sure, a power bank comes in handy for keeping your phone topped off, but it’s nothing compared to a power station featuring AC outlets and far more capacity.

It’s fortunate that these devices are becoming more common and affordable these days, and you can even get some bundled with solar panels such as the Solar Generator 300 that our friends over at Powerness were nice enough to send out for review.

Hiker 300

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a power station. You’ll want to look for one with a decent capacity, ample port options, multiple ways to recharge, an informative display, and more. The Powerness Hiker 300 included in the Solar Generator 300 package checks all of these boxes.


It has a 296Wh capacity that is capable of charging most phones up to a dozen times, as well as charging a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro up to 4.5 times. I’ve even used it to run a television and found it was possible to get close to seven hours of runtime with a 46-inch 1080p LCD TV.


While capacity is an important factor, the Hiker 300 also provides many ways to power your devices. You’ll be able to choose from two AC outlets, three USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, two DC outputs, a car charger output, and wireless Qi charging.


Just as important as the number of ports is the output of those ports. The AC outlets on the Hiker 300 support up to 300W and there is a Quick Charge 3.0 capable USB Type-A port along with a USB Type-C port with Power Delivery up to 60W. This will ensure your devices get the power they need, and quickly.


When it comes time to charge up the Hiker 300, there are multiple ways to fill it back up. The easiest and quickest way is by plugging it into an outlet in your house, which will take three hours to reach 80% and a little longer to charge it fully. You can speed this up by combining the AC charging with a USB Type-C charger to shave an hour off the charging time.

A car charger can also be used, but that will take around six hours to reach 80%. My favorite way to charge the Hiker 300 is with the SolarX S80 solar panel included in the Solar Generator 300 package.

In my experience, it takes a little over four hours to reach an 80% charge on a clear sunny day, and that’s 100% free power. It’s hard to beat free. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and readily available on most days.


One of my favorite features on the Hiker 300 is the display that shows you which ports are currently in use, the amount of watts being used, and how much time is remaining before the battery is drained. It’s extremely useful, and you can turn it on at any time by pressing any of the buttons on the front. It’s also important to note that any time you press one of the buttons it only enables the display and you’ll need to press it a second time to activate the selected output.


The Hiker 300 is protected by Powerness’s Battery Management System which monitors the current, voltage, and temperature in real-time. This helps in preventing issues with short circuits and other problems. Occasionally, you’ll hear the fan spin up to manage the temperature, and while it’s audible, it’s still quieter than something like my microwave.

Additionally, there is an emergency light on the front that is handy for doing repairs during an outage or signaling cars with its SOS function.

SolarX S80

While the Hiker 300 is a fantastic power station, it’s only part of the equation. The SolarX S80 is the other half of the Solar Generator 300 kit. This bi-fold 80W capable portable solar panel makes charging up the Hiker 300 convenient and free.

Some of its key features include, a display to visualize how much power is being generated, kickstands to hold the solar panels up, and a magnetic closure making it easy to fold up and transport. Furthermore, there is a USB Type-A port and two built-in cables for connecting devices to the SolarX S80. One of the built-in cables has three barrel-style plugs to choose from, and the other uses a USB Type-C connector providing you with plenty of charging options.

As I mentioned above, in my experience, the SolarX S80 is able to fill the Hiker 300 up from 0 to 80% in a little over four hours on a sunny day thanks to its 23% conversion rate and 80w output. That’s when you’re using one of the built-in DC plugs, however, if you use the built-in USB Type-C cable or connect a USB Type-A cable then you’ll be limited to only 12W of charging power.

One more thing the Powerness SolarX S80 has going for it is a rugged build. When I first picked it up I could tell it was a solid piece of equipment at nearly seven-and-a-half pounds. The SolarX S80 even comes with IP65 certification so it will be safe from any light showers or splashes out in the wild.

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Final thoughts

The Solar Generator 300 from Powerness is the perfect kit to keep you powered up during an emergency or on your next camping trip. It would even make a fun tailgating companion thanks to its compact size, portable design, and variety of ways to power devices.

The Solar Generator 300–which includes the SolarX S80, a $160 value, and the Hiker 300, a value of $210–is available for purchase now from Powerness’s website for $370 or from Amazon.

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