Not everyone can commit hours of their day to playing games on their phone. Fortunately, there are hundreds of casual games in the Play Store, perfect for when you want to unwind and waste some time.

We’ve rounded up some of the best games to be played on the go and you can download right now. These are games that you can pick up and drop at any time and then pick up again whenever you feel like it.

Cooking Witch

  • Cooking Witch is an addictive time-management game in which you have to serve the customers of your magical restaurant
  • As you go through the levels, you’ll be able to upgrade your restaurant by adding more and more enchanted items on the menu
  • Decorate your restaurant and transform it into the best eating place in the kingdom
  • The game manages to capture the colorful, bewitching vibe of fairy tales

Download Cooking Witch

The Trail

  • You step into the shoes of a wanderer who is walking ahead on a fixed path from one camp to the next, attempting to survive the wilderness and ultimately make it to the big city
  • Players collect resources as they go and use them to craft tools, clothes and other items
  • The game features beautiful environments to explore and a town-building simulation hidden in the center to provide plenty of things to keep you entertained at all times

Download The Trail

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Hello Yogurt

  • The game has a fantastic story-line, in which a scientist tries to create a special strain of lacto-bacilli that would ultimately prologue human life
  • You stand to learn a thing or two about science, as you take control of a lacto-bacillus that’s navigating through the human digestive system
  • The inside of the human body has been re-imagined as a delightful playground for friendly lacto-bacilli that are trying to survive the hidden dangers of the human digestive system

Download Hello Yogurt


  • Atomas is a puzzle game that uses scientific elements to keep you entertained. Isn’t A bit counter-intuitive? Not at all. Atomas shows you that science can be lots of fun
  • You step into the shoes of an aspirant alchemist as you try to create precious elements such as gold, platinum or silver. The game starts out with hydrogen atoms, which you need to fuse together to create energy-rich atoms that in turn, will help you create the more valuable elements.
  • Atomas might look simple enough at first, but as you play you’ll find it’s quite difficult to master.

Download Atomas

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  • Mandora takes advantage of an adorable art style, bright and warm that will win your heart immediately
  • The little plant people in Moonycat Village have taken up farming in the hopes of being able to harvest the special Mandora plant (it has magical properties) and you have to help them grow it
  • You’ll discover the various types of Mandora plans, as you try to figure out what the best time for harvesting is (harvest too late and you might end up with a simple potato)

Download Mandora

Find the differences

  • A good old find-the-difference game with more than 300 levels to go through
  • You can use the zoom in tool to get a better look at the images
  • The game has no time limit, so you don’t need to hurry. Stuck? Request a hint, there are plenty of those available

Download Find the differences


  • TwoDots is filled with creative illustrations and playful animations in the menus, which makes up for some of the super hard levels you will have to go through
  • Connect dots of matching colors horizontally or vertically by clearing squares of corresponding colors out of the game board
  • The game is a challenging experience as it limits you to a specific number of moves in which you have to complete the given challenges. For example, clearing 50 red dots, 50 blue dots and 50 yellow dots with 30 moves

Download TwoDots

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