Last month Anker announced the next generation of its charging lineup with GaN Prime. This marked another revolution of the GaN technology making chargers smaller while also being more efficient. GaN is a promising new addition to the charging market and Anker is predictably at the forefront.

Anker’s new stable of devices revolves around six devices. Many of these overlap and offer very similar features with some small variations. We will mention them all but may not go into details about every device individually.

Anker GaN Prime 700 series

The 700 series of the latest chargers from Anker are the centerpieces of the company’s lineup. This division of the GaN Prime models all have a very similar basic design and function, but different levels of power outputs.

The top tier of this is the 747 GaN Prime charger. With PowerIQ 4.0 across three USB-C ports and one USB-A, this charger has all your portable devices covered. Pair those ports with the full 150 watts of output and anything in your travel bag can be recharged with this single charger.

Next is the slightly smaller, but just as flexible, 737 charger. It’s powered by the same GaN and PowerIQ 4.0 tech, but drops the 3rd USB-C port and lowers the total output to a still impressive 120 watts. The Anker GaN Prime 737 strikes a great balance of being able to charge up to three devices simultaneously and still be ultra-compact. At just 39% of the size of the MacBook Pro charger, the 737 can still charge the laptop to full charge in 90 minutes.

Next up in the Goldilocks of chargers is the smallest entry of the 700 series with the Anker 735 charger.  Again, Anker has crammed three ports into a super compact design essentially giving you a shrunken 737 design. You get two USB-C ports and a lone USB-A.

This one takes a bit of a drop in output, but at 65 total watts, it’s still much more powerful than many default laptop chargers. PowerIQ 4.0 is still onboard to ensure that whichever devices need the most juice takes priority and the size is perfect for keeping in a small laptop bag or overnight suitcase.

Rounding out the 700 series from Anker is the 733 charger, and honestly, it might be my favorite. This nifty charger takes many of the elements of its siblings and then packs in a 10,000mAh battery pack.

The GaN Prime 733 is essentially a 735 with an internal power pack. You will find the same three-port array and 65W of total output. Above the USB ports is a power button to initiate the power pack for charging when away from the outlet. This makes the 733 a great addition for us power users on the go.

Real World Usage

I’m a huge fan of Anker products and these new GaN Prime chargers don’t disappoint. Each one utilizes a slightly different power scale or size, but they all perform just as Anker describes. I’ve thrown every device in my home at these chargers over the last few weeks.

Whether it be my Pixels, iPhone, Nokia tab, or any of my three laptops, each of these GaN Prime chargers nails it. Each seems to also perform to the specs given. From the total wattage outputs to the dispersement across multiple devices, each of Anker’s chargers works great.

Let’s touch on that PowerIQ 4.0 a bit more. PowerIQ is Anker’s proprietary protocol that allows the chargers to communicate to the connected devices to dictate how much juice it should push. The first few generations of PowerIQ were for just the total output of the devices connected.

However, the new 4.0 edition takes that a step further by communicating with all the devices. This means that if multiple devices are connected, it’s constantly pinging them to see which is charged the most. If you have one phone at 50% and another at 20%, Anker’s PowerIQ 4.0 will still charge both, but it will give the 20% device more wattage to close that charging gap.


I really like the latest from Anker with the GaN chargers. The additional charging capabilities from the combination of GaN and PowerIQ 4.0  make a huge difference as we continue to add devices to our daily grind.

All these great chargers can be your today with the links below. Most can be had from either Anker or Amazon landing pages depending on your preference.

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