Like many people, I don’t really consider myself in “shape”. I don’t have the 6 pack abs, bouncing pectorals, or buns of steel. I do however; have a need to improve my health. So when the opportunity came up to review Runtastic’s new Leg Workout Trainer app, I jumped it.

Screenshot_2015-05-08-14-16-14The app’s user interface follows the Android design language. I found that the app was very intuitive and easy to use.

There are 3 ways to use the app:

The first is a dedicated training plan. The plan spans approximately 3 months and has 15 pre-planned training sessions that start off pretty easy, but increase in difficulty over time.Even though I said they start of easy, to someone who is out of shape like myself, they will still prove challenging.3D avatar “Angie” demonstrates the workout, while a male voice guides you through it.If you download Screenshot_2015-05-08-14-25-32Runtastic’s Music app, you can create playlists to play in the background as you workout. This adds a nice element of customization.This is the ideal mode for beginners.

The second way to use the apps is though the my workouts section. This section allows you to select from either the 5 pre-programmed workouts, or you can create your own.When you create your own workout, you must select from the exercise videos in the library, how many sets, repetitions, and how long of a rest before the next video.Like the training plan, you can listen to music through Runtastic’s music app, but it must be changed through the training plans interface.People that work out on a more regular basis will appreciate this mode.

The third way to use the app is by watching the individual workouts. The videos seamlessly loop non-stop.They can be filtered by the muscle groups that will be worked out or your favorited videos. 

What they got right:
In a word, simplicity. This app is dead simple to use. If your familiar with Android’s UI, then you won’t have any problems navigating the application.

What could be improved:
I find myself having to stretch to find improvements for this app. If there was anything that could be improved, it would be customization within the app. I’m not referring to the workouts. As you read earlier, there is a high degree of  workout customization available within the app. I’m referring to being able to change the avatar or the voice that guides you though the workout. I would also love to see this app on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Overall this app has a broad appeal. Whether your a beginner or en experienced athlete, this app has something for you.

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