It can be somewhat daunting to find the correct VPN provider for you. Some offer a ton a features that cost a ton as well, while others have basic services with more reasonable pricing. SaferVPN is a VPN service that happens to tick both these boxes as well as the ones in-between, offering extensive services suitable for anyone’s wallet.

Developer: Safer Social Ltd

Cost: App is free, service is paid


  • Different tiers for different budgets
  • Great user interface
  • Excellent connection speeds


Due to the nature of the service, you are required to create an account before you can use the app. You can start off with a free trail that lasts 24 hours once registered, and, if you’re happy with it, purchase a package to use it further.

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Once set up, I was ready to roll. There are 24 countries worldwide that each host several servers to chose from, spread more or less evenly across the globe. However, me living in South Africa posed a bit of a problem as the nearest server is in Israel. As it turned out later, this is not really a problem as the speeds are still super fast regardless of your position on Earth. The Brazil server outputted similar speeds, much like most of the other servers did. You’re looking at a speed loss of around 10% on a 4mbps line which is menial and won’t make much of an impact. Screenshot (18)

The connection itself was stable and was on for as long as I wanted it to bunnamed (1)e. Very often VPN’s disconnect for no reason and take a minute or two to get you back online. This was not the case with SaferVPN.

Depending on your price plan, you can also use the VPN on several devices. There’s a dedicated Chrome extension for simple PC connection, as well as apps for iOS, MacOS, and, of course, Android. Expanding on the price plans, you can get Basic with one connected device at any time for $8.99 p/m, Premium with up to five simultaneously connected devices for $14.99 p/m and Small Business with up to ten simultaneously connected devices for $29.99 p/m. As of May 2016, there is a limited time deal.

unnamed But with the vast amount of VPN providers available, it’s hard to find one that offers something that stands out from the rest. This is a downfall with almost all providers and SaferVPN is, in the broader picture, really no different. Why should I chose it over a slightly cheaper one that does the same thing? As it turns out, my time with SaferVPN was hitch-free. Everything worked like it was supposed to and this is perhaps the factor that some other companies can’t seamlessly offer. Why worry with petty, non-essential features when you have something that works, and works well like SaferVPN?



SaferVPN offers a solid VPN service for someone who isn’t into complicated settings and services. Although SaferVPN does offer in-depth controls, you can simply login and press “Connect”, while staying connected. At a decent speed.

The pricing may not be the most competitive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t put up a fight.

Download on the Play Store

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