If you like to keep your device as stock as possible, the only choice you have for customizing it is by changing its wallpaper. You can do a Google search to find wallpapers, but this is tedious and you have to keep an eye on the image’s resolution in order to avoid having a pixelated mess ruining your home screen. There’s also apps like Backdrops and Muzei, which do a splendid job in keeping things fresh. Simply Wallpaper, from Tribute Tech, offers a different approach by doing all the hard work: it looks for an image, downloads it to your device and sets it as your wallpaper without you having to lift a finger.

Developer: Tribute Tech

Price: Free, with a $0.99 in-app purchase.


  • Setup asks for your email address, even though you don’t have an account to manage.
  • Wallpapers are change automatically every few hours.
  • Eight different categories.
  • No ads.


Simply Wallpaper Setup
Easy setup ruined by an email input prompt.

The setup has the only negative aspect I could find in this app. After showing a nice tutorial, you have to input your email at the end. Why? It’s not needed at all, since you don’t have an account to manage, and in-app purchases are linked to your Google account, so forcing you to give your email in order to continue is completely unnecessary.

If you are looking for an app like Backdrops, then you’re in the wrong place. Simply Wallpaper doesn’t show you a long list of available wallpapers, but instead, chooses wallpapers for you. When finishing the tutorial, you must activate the option “Enable Wallpapers” and choose among eight categories: Nature, City, Abstract, Black and White, Closeup, Material Design, Textures, and Architecture. And that’s it! Your wallpaper will immediately change, and then it will be switched automatically every four hours (this interval is customizable, by the way).


In the time I’ve spent with the app, it has worked flawlessly. Wallpapers that have been downloaded to my device are crisp, beautiful, and they don’t look pixelated on my Nexus 6’s QHD screen. According to its website, wallpapers are curated by real people, and, if you are a photographer, you can sign up and upload your own work. I’m really impressed with the quality of the wallpapers being used for the app.

Inside the app itself, there’s a floating action button in the main screen to show information about your current wallpaper. This will take you to a screen where you can see the photographer’s information, such as his/her website and Twitter account. From here, you can upvote and downvote your current wallpaper. The app also shows you when is your next wallpaper scheduled to download, and lets you skip your current wallpaper in case you don’t like it, although this option is locked behind a $0.99 in-app purchase. Finally, you can see some statistics, such as the number of wallpapers you have seen, and your number of upvotes/downvotes.

Simply Wallpaper Main Screen
Simply Wallpaper’s colorful main screen.
Simply Wallpaper Settings
Simply Wallpaper lets you change some options.

You can access the app’s preferences from the top of the main screen. You can turn on an option to download new wallpapers only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. It’s worth pointing out that if the schedule for a new wallpaper arrives and you are not connected to a network, the update will not be queued until you connect to Wi-Fi. The app just schedules a new update in four hours.

The app also provides an option to enable notifications when the wallpaper changes. These notifications have upvote and downvote buttons too to make voting easier. Finally, you can also change the refresh interval from as little as two hours to as much as five days.


Simply Wallpaper is an app that you configure once, and just forget about it until you see its magic at work later. It’s very convenient, the wallpapers are good, and it doesn’t drain your battery in a noticeable way. With only a $0.99 in-app purchase and absolutely no ads, Simply Wallpaper is worth checking out if you find yourself constantly changing your wallpaper, and if you can get past giving your email address to a third-party.

Download from the Play Store.

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  1. Huh? “If you like to keep your device as stock as possible, the only choice you have for customizing it is by changing its wallpaper. ”

    What? On stock Android, you can customize just about anything! How about changing the launcher altogether with Nova Launcher or just about any other launcher out there?

    • Yes but then you won’t be keeping your device as stock as possible ;) I meant keeping your device with the default launcher, keyboard, icon pack, etc. You’ll have fewer options then.

      Thanks for reading :)


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