In a world of shiny glass phones and scratches galore, there are a few different options to consider to keep your device protected. While most everyone has already heard of dbrand and SlickWraps, some folks may not have heard of a company called Skinit.

This company has been around for some time, but isn’t the first to be suggested, despite some pretty awesome offerings. Today, we’re going to take a look at two options from Skinit, including a skin and one of the company’s standard two-piece cases.

Carbon Fiber Skin

First up, we’re going to take a look at the Carbon Fiber skin that I received to review for my Galaxy Note 8. I am a huge fan of skins for protecting my devices from being scratched, but hands-down, the biggest pain with these is the installation.

Unfortunately, Skinit didn’t reinvent the wheel here, as the installation process is pretty much the same as any other skin. The problem that I ended up finding lied within trying to ensure that the camera holes were properly lineup.

I ran into an issue when it came to lifting and reapplying the skin, as the top portion of the skin became a bit stretched out. Once I was finally able to get everything lined up and applied, then the skin worked just as advertised.

Considering the fact that I’m a bit bigger of a guy, I have a tendency of sweating a bit here and there. This is important to note because the Carbon Fiber skin became a bit more slippery if my hands were even a little bit moist.

There was enough grip to help keep the sometimes-unwieldy Galaxy Note 8 in my hands, but I did have to worry about. I felt the need to wipe down the skin often enough that it became annoying.

Nonetheless, the Carbon Fiber skin from Skinit did the job, and did it well enough to keep it on my phone for awhile.

Skinit Pro Case

Not everyone wants to use a skin as it offers no more than just protection from scratches. If you’re looking for something with a bit more protection, then we’re here to show off the Skinit Pro Case for the Galaxy Note 8.

First of all, the Pro Case comes in two different pieces, with a soft, inner shell, and a hard exterior. As you would expect, the inner shell should be placed on the phone first, and then you can fit the outer shell to lock everything into place.

If you were worried about whether Skinit provided access to all of the necessary ports, then there’s no concern here. The Pro Case gives you easy access to all of your ports and buttons, and leaves more than enough space around the camera cutout to keep getting those awesome pictures.

As was the case with my Galaxy S8 Case Roundup, the Skinit Pro Case also makes life a bit easier for those who use the fingerprint scanner. Being able to find the edge of the rear cutout makes finding the scanner faster than if you didn’t have a case at all.

Since the buttons are covered by the soft inner shell, this makes it easy to find them when you aren’t looking, even for those who use the Bixby button. There’s a nice tactile feel to the buttons, so that everything is accessible with ease.

When it comes to protection, there’s not much to worry about here with the Pro Case. The case will definitely keep your Galaxy Note 8 protected in the event of an accidental drop. However, due to the curved display, I would still recommend picking up a screen protector to help keep your Note 8 in pristine condition.


While Skinit doesn’t have the same brand recognition as dbrand or SlickWraps, the company offers more than a few different options, putting it ahead of the pack. We’ll have how well the skin holds up over time, but I’m sure it will perform quite nicely.

If you want to check out more of Skinit’s offerings, hit the button below where skins start at just $14.99 and include options for your favorite sports teams, comics (Batman FTW!), and other designs. Let us know what you think about these offerings from Skinit and if they are something you’ll be considering for your device of choice.

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