Snoopy Pop Review


If you were a fan of the comic strip Peanuts and enjoyed reading it during your early childhood days, then you must be familiar with Snoopy, the cute little pet beagle of Charlie Brown. Snoopy Pop is an Android puzzle game where the players play as Snoopy to help the birds of Woodstock trapped amidst a cloud of bubbles by popping them with matching bubbles from his bag.

The game is developed by popular developer Jam City, which has previously created similar games like Panda Pop and Paint Masters for children. Snoopy pop throws in a little physics to some levels and it would be ideal for children above 8 years. But this doesn’t mean adults cannot have fun bursting the bubbles.

Developer: Jam City, Inc.

Cost: Free (With in app purchases for coins and power ups)


The setup involved before you can have fun playing Snoopy Pop is very simple. You have to just download the game from the Google Play Store and sign in using your Google Play Games account. This is to record your scores and achievements on different levels in the game.

Additionally, you can also connect your Facebook account to receive benefits like free coins and hearts. It also allows you to save your game progress and compete with your friends by comparing the scores.

Snoopy Pop Review

The game play as mentioned above is fairly simple. You just have to throw matching bubbles towards the obstacles to save the birds from Woodstock. You can just click on the obstacle to throw the bubble or use the walls on the sides to aim.


Snoopy Pop is a classic puzzle game based on Physics where you have to overcome the obstacles and save your friends. The first few levels are designed to give you the idea of the game, like how to clear the obstacles, what happens if you save the birds and so on. As you advance through the game, the difficulty levels increase and new forms of obstacles are introduced like bubbles are replaced by rocks, ropes are tied to bubbles kinds of stuff.

Snoopy Pop Review Snoopy Pop Review












The game also provides you with special powers to help you cope with the obstacles. Like, around the 3rd level, Charlie Brown will help you with his kite, which will be powered up every time you hit yellow colored bubbles. Once the kite is fully charged, you can use it to select and destroy a particular section of bubbles instead of just one color. The Kite could also be instantly powered up by hitting Jars placed among the bubbles.

Things get heated up as you proceed further. New kinds of birds called the Beagle Scouts are introduced which could be saved by matching the color of the bubbles around them. The game also introduces the Red Baron, the flight which drops a new layer of bubbles every time you destroy the old ones. The only way to get past the Red Baron is to destroy its 3 shields using your bubbles. But be careful, because the Red Baron keeps moving and you might end up losing all your bubbles trying to hit it.

Anything more revealed about the levels or obstacles might rob you of your fun. So, let’s talk about the graphics and the other aspects of Snoopy Pop. The graphics of the game is really attractive and cute and it is clearly designed to attract the target audience. Every time you complete a level, the remaining bubbles in your bag, pop out in the air along with balloons and celebratory wrappers. It looks so beautiful and makes you want to complete the level as quick as possible just to have a look at it.

The sound effects of Snoopy Pop are also delightful and famous Peanut songs are played at the end of each level. The best thing about this game is that it does not feature any text or video ads so you could play without any interruption. However, the developers have chosen the in-app purchases to make money from the game. You can buy extra coins to instantly boost power-ups or extra lives using real money.


To sum it up, Snoopy Pop is a really interactive Puzzle game to kill your time and have some fun doing it. The game play is also neat and the animations and sound effects make the player feel really happy as if he has made a huge achievement every time he completes a new level.

Snoopy Pop Review

If you have a kid at your home who loves puzzle games, you can surely ask him/her to play Snoopy pop, it has no ads, so you don’t have to worry about inappropriate content coming along your kid’s way and your kid could also learn basic laws of Physics (you could too) and have fun at the same time by playing Snoopy pop.

Download Snoopy Pop from the Google Play Store.

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