Unless you’re currently reading this article on a yacht somewhere in Cabo, I’m guessing that you could probably stand to earn a little bit of money. What if I told you that you could get cash just by downloading a free app. If you’re thinking this sounds like a pretty sweet deal then it may be time to check out Tap Cash.


Tap Cash is an app that works on a credit system, wherein you exchange credits for certain “gifts” ranging from a $1 Paypal card for 1000 credits to a $10 Google Play gift card for 10000 credits. Every dollar is worth 1000 credits from the app. To get these credits you can download apps or share the app with your friends. The amount of credits you earn is based on the app. For example an app that all you have to do it download and start is going to be worth far fewer credits than one you have to provide information for. Furthermore sharing the app with others is worth more than most apps other than the ones that require a lot of personal information.

What’s especially interesting about this app though is that it creates a little game out of earning these credits. It shows the highest earners for the week, the month, and in total. So far the highest amount earned is about $262, a pretty good haul considering I’ve only managed to earn about ¢10 so far.


My Experience with Tap Cash

For the most part it seemed like a pretty great app. I never was able earn enough credits to be able to exchange it for “gifts”, but from other users reviews it’s clear that if you do manage to earn enough credits they will follow through and give you your money. The only problem of any significance is that sometimes I would download an app that would promise credits if I just started it, but even after doing so I wouldn’t get the credits. I would like to stress that this did not happen with every app I downloaded, but it did happen with a couple. It can also take quite a while to amass enough credits to get a sizable amount of money, but it is certainly possible to do so and many people have.

Will this app turn you into some King Midas figure? No, unfortunately it won’t turn stuff into gold. But will downloading this app be able to earn you a little money that involved little to no effort? Absolutely!


Bonus! If you’d like a promo code for 300 credits here’s the link.

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