You may have heard of Netflix and all you can eat buffets before. If you haven’t, come out from under that rock and live a little. Netflix and all you can eat buffets offer unlimited video content and food for a fixed price. You can digest all you want for a flat fee until you want no more.

Like both of those services, Texture aims to bring you well known magazines for a fixed price of $9.99 or $14.99 per month with back issues included. That subscription includes unlimited access to over 100 titles which include some of the most read magazines like Time, Cosmopolitan, Motor Trend, CNET, Wired, Men’s Health, Self, Real Simple, Popular Science and many more.


texture pricing

Texture offers a free 30-day trial and all that is required is a credit card or PayPal account. No strings are attached, as you are free to cancel at anytime within the trial period, and if you happen to enjoy your subscription you just let Texture bill your account. I opted in for the $14.99 per month subscription which differs from the cheaper plan by offering unlimited access to the entire catalog of content. The $9.99 subscription plan is limited to monthly titles, so magazines like Time and Businessweek which are weekly publications are off limits.

At $14.99 per month, that works out to about $180 per year which isn’t a bad deal if you read lots of magazines. For various reasons, I am still subscribed to print media as well as magazines on the competitor app Zinio. Zinio is a digital magazine app as well which offers a la carte subscriptions or single issue purchases. After totaling my subscription fees for Men’s Health, Wired, Saveur, National Geographic and Maxim I easily fall under $100 dollars for my subscription fees. But if I consider sharing my account with my mom, you can access Texture on up to five devices, who pays for Better Homes and Gardens, bon appetit, Martha Stewart, O The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Sunset and Consumer Reports the subscription to Texture makes a little more financial sense.

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Free 30-day trial

I went ahead and downloaded the app from the Google Play store. The app is free to install and set-up required me to input my PayPal information. A credit card would have worked too, but the PayPal option was much quicker. As soon as Texture verified my information, I was off to explore the digital library.


Beyond making financial sense, having access to more magazines naturally piqued my interest. I have always enjoyed reading magazines since I was a child and if they’re in front of me I will read them. After a solid week of having access to Texture, I found myself reading every night before bed and ignoring Netflix. Netflix is usually my go to entertainment app before bed and quite frankly I get tired of watching movies and TV. Magazines are a great alternative as I find myself reading about backpacking trips from Backpacker, or reading about Northern Canada in National Geographic Traveler and considering my next vacation destination. I’m not limited to current issues and I found myself looking up back issues from publications soaking up tons of useful information.


I’ll be hosting my lovely sister and brother-in-law for Thanksgiving this year and I learned why the most important thing on the plate is Thanksgiving gravy and how it is so easy to screw up. I kind of already knew this because I always let my older sister make the gravy. I’ve extracted a few recipes for Thanksgiving, from Texture’s Thanksgiving Central category, which include Cornmeal Butter Cake with Pomegranate sauce, Buttermilk Cardamom Pumpkin Pie, Cheesy Brussels Sprouts and Chorizo Bake and the one I am looking forward to most – Roast Turkey with Polenta stuffing.



I don’t use tablets anymore now that phones are easy enough to read with 5.7″ displays. I have been using the Google Nexus 6P and actually have enjoyed reading magazines on my device. Texture intelligently breaks each magazine up into a table of contents and you can read each category or title without having to turn through each page. This feature makes it incredibly quick to browse through magazines and see what is worth reading. The layout of the articles are just like actual magazines so you will have to zoom in to magnify the text. The articles aren’t like web pages where they automatically resize to adjust to your screen. I found this to be a little cumbersome initially, but got used to it pretty quickly and can see Texture providing a much better experience on a tablet. Maybe a Nexus 9 would be worth picking up if there’s a good price for Black Friday.


I have a few business trips planned over the next three months, and one thing I always do when I am waiting for my flight at the airport, is go and browse the newsstand and buy a magazine or two for the flight. I usually end up spending $5-15, read the magazines and leave them on the plane for the next passengers. Now I can go ahead and download a bunch of magazines for offline use, and not spend an extra penny at the airport. I’ll probably even download a couple for the time I spend at the dog park while my pup plays with other dogs.



Texture brings back the nostalgic feeling of being in a book store like Barnes and Noble, where there are rows of magazines broken up into categories. I’m in my 30’s and grew up frequenting book stores and my favorite area was always the magazine section. I would read the magazine title, look what was on the cover, and if it grabbed my attention I would flip through it and purchase the magazine to read at home.If the magazine was a complete joy to read, I would most likely sign up for a subscription. The downside to yearly subscriptions is that there are times when you no longer read the magazine and they continue to auto charge your credit card. This can also be quite painful if you happen to switch addresses.

With Texture, for $14.99 per month I not only to browse the aisles of every magazine, but I get to read them all at my leisure. I get to read them at the airport or in bed, and if I decide I no longer want to read magazines for a bit, I can cancel at any moment. My mailbox no longer needs to get stuffed with magazines and I can help save trees too.

When my free 30-day trial expires I will most likely be switching to the $9.99 plan as I rarely read weekly publications. I do believe I will easily get my money’s worth in entertainment and will definitely be sharing my account with my mom.

If you like reading magazines, you should at least give Texture a try for 30 days.

If you want to download Texture head on over to the Google Play store and install the app or go to to learn more.

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