The Rock Clock: Lay the Smackdown to your goals (Review)


Do you need a little motivation to get your candy ass out of bed, or maybe to lose that extra five pounds? Well, say no more, The Rock has you covered. He has released his second project out of four called The Rock Clock: a simple but fun alarm clock.

Developer: 7 Bucks Entertainment
Cost: Free


When it comes to alarm clocks, they only need to do one thing: wake me up. There are many on the market that require you do silly things, like take a selfie, or spin around a couple times. The main theme of this one, of course, is that everything is The Rock.

Main Screen
Main Screen

It has your basic features, such as setting an alarm for a specific time, or setting a ringtone featuring The Rock in some format. However, it’s missing a couple of features, such as labels for the alarms, as well as being able to set them for pre-determined days. So, if those are a must, this isn’t for you.

The main feature of the app is to set a goal and the date you want to accomplish it. When you finish the goal, you can start a new one. To have a clear visualization of your goal can be a great motivator.

This app also features a neat motivational video every day from The Rock himself. It’s always something positive, but be warned, if it’s anything like his Instagram, there could be offensive language. I’m not sure that it will motivate anyone to accomplish their goals, but diehard fans of WWE will love this feature. The Rock giving you messages every day, how can that not be awesome?

Motivation Video Screen
Motivation Video Screen

When it comes to different alarm sounds you may notice there are limited options, with no way to set your own from an outside source. Some may see this as a drawback, but I don’t believe this app would be near as cool if you didn’t hear The Rock every time.

Last but not least, there is one alarm that is preset to wake you up when The Rock does. That’s right, it lets you know when he is gonna wake up so you can when he does too. However that sets the alarm to 4:45 AM, so I’m not sure you want to. At least, the option is there.


This is an app with limited features when compared to other alarm clocks, but where it lacks features, it makes up for in charm. It’s a fun app that’s worth using to meet some goals. You would have to be a Jabroni not to use this app. So download it, wake up and SMEEEELLL, what The Rock, is cooking.

Download and install The Rock Clock from the Google Play Store.

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  1. No, not every day a Rock vid, sometimes just a picture with some wise words from the Rock ? but it gives a great view in Rocks busy life. I am surrounded by folks who don’t like WWE, and they love this App too!

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