Tronsmart has made some compelling additions to the Bang party speaker lineup recently. Even though many of those are capable of outdoor use, the company wanted something a bit more tuned for the elements. Enter the Halo 100 outdoor party speaker.

We’ve been testing the Halo (I’ll be using this shorthand throughout the remainder of this review) for about a month and have come away pretty impressed with what Tronsmart has to offer here.


Tronsmart has always leaned into funky designs and I love the look of the Halo 100 speaker. It has a retro-futuristic appeal to it if that makes sense. The LED-backlit speaker cones have a very Trek styling that reminds you of a robotic face, but the rounded edges could easily fit in with 1960s Motorola radios.

The speaker array has a 3-way sound system. This includes a tweeter in the top middle, two mids, and a dedicated subwoofer at the bottom. The system is powered by 60W of audial power. This cluster is all LED-illuminated with up to five different lighting modes.

The Tronsmart Halo 100 is ready for any settings. Whether sitting and listening alone in your home or outdoors, the build of this speaker can handle it. Add the IPX6 waterproof rating, and you should be safe around the poolside.

Bluetooth and Controls

Internally, you have Bluetooth 5.3 which also allows for dual devices to be connected. I’ve found the connection and the ability to have an extra device a nicer feature than I anticipated. Being able to bounce from say music on my phone and then a YouTube clip on my laptop has been a plus.

The Tronsmart Halo 100 has a familiar layout of Tronsmart controls. This includes the power on/off, volume +/-, play/pause, lighting modes, audio modes, stereo pairing, and finally, SoundPulse for richer sounds.

Stereo pairing works as you’d expect from Tronsmart as well. I was able to link to other capable Tronsmart speakers without issues. You initiate it on the parent device first and then once you press the same button on the Halo 100 the units started syncing up the playback.


The audio playback quality with the Halo 100 has been great. The 3-way speaker system really does pack a balanced experience with a nice punch from the woofer when you need the bass. From outdoors to even in my home office, the Halo has zero issues feeling the space with good sounds.

The default sound settings are top-notch, but you can also adjust this to your liking. Using the Tronsmart app you can tweak the EQ options to any setup you’d like to hit your ears. The layout is well done and intuitive to move the playback around to your preference.

The same is true for LED lighting. It’s kinda corny, but my daughter appreciated it more than me. Whether you have it set to stagnant color, or pulsing to the tunes, it creates a decent ambiance without being overbearing.

You can use other options for audio input using the ports in the back of the Halo 100. Here you’ll find a microSD slot that can be loaded with MP3 files to directly cycle thru your playback. If you prefer a hardwired option, and you have a dinosaur laying around with a 3.5mm jack, that’s an option as well.

Battery life and charging

Tronsmart rates the Halo 100 to last upwards of 18 hours at 50% volume and I’d say this is accurate. I rarely had it fully cranked up and jammed out all of Super Bowl Sunday starting at 9 am until well after midnight without issues. I only charged it that next day out of habit not need.

Charging other devices via the USB-A port in the back would also shorten this, but I’ve been able to top off my Pixel without any blatant blow to the runtime of the Halo 100 speaker. When you do need to plug in the Halo, this is done via USB Type C and takes around five and a half hours to charge.

This would be my one big feedback to Tronsmart. I’d love to see quick charge onboard to shorten this recharge time. I know the Halo 100 houses a massive 6000mAh power bank, but under three hours seems way more acceptable with the recent advances in quick charging.


The Tronsmart Halo 100 caught my attention with its quirky design. It then cemented my positive vibes with the large playback runtime and great audio experience. Tronsmart has built an amazing option for any party atmosphere.

You can snag the Halo 100 speaker for just $110 at the link below on Amazon. At this price, you can’t go wrong with adding this great audio device to your home. Act now, and it’s even 20% off at checkout.

Purchase the Tronsmart Halo 100 Speaker

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