Some people (me) have difficulty keeping track of their finances from time to time. While I always know what’s in my bank account, my credit score is usually somewhat of a mystery to me, both what’s in it and what it means. If you’re like me and that 3-digit number is an enigma to you too, you too should download WalletHub.


Developer: WalletHub

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

All you need to know in one place

All Your Info, All in One Place

When you first launch WalletHub, you will need to enter quite a bit of personal information. Obviously, this is needed to bring you your credit report. WalletHub has the usual disclaimer that your information will not be used for anything other than the report they are generating, and they promise that their reporting will not affect your credit score. This initial setup, both entering your data and them looking you up, will take a good 10-15 minutes, so expect to wait for a little bit. Once everything is loaded up, WalletHub will allow you to set a password or a pin number to keep your information safe from prying eyes.


From the main dashboard, you have your credit score displayed in an easy to read format that tells you your score, how that rates, and when the last time it was updated. From this screen, you can set goals such as buy a house or car, and get great resources about different types of loans, how to negotiate price, pitfalls to watch out for, and tips for all ranges of credit. There is also an indepth analysis tab that shows everything that has had an effect on your credit both positive and negative over the past month, with breakdowns for Payment History, Collections, Credit Utilization, Debt Load, Account Age, Account Diversity, and Credit Inquiries. There are other tabs that suggest credit cards for your credit score and help you analyse the pros and cons of various cards and various offers for cards.

Easy to read info and tips

A Solid App

Everything in the app out in the open in easy to find locations, so if this topic starts to get you overwhelmed, the app helps guide you along. Also with all of the information packed into this app in every category, they really make sure that if there is something you are unsure about in the world of credit scores they help talk you through it in an easy to understand way. Everything in the app is positive and directs you back to what your goals are and what steps you can take to reach them.

Set you goals and reach them with guides and tips

A Personal Touch

Without disclosing all my personal financial information to the whole internet, I will say that this app has first and foremost explained to me what everything on my report means, how different things effect my score, and how to make even more improvements to get where I want to be. Everything they have suggested to me so far has worked out and has been solid information, and the fact that they take the time with each step to explain to me what everything means is a huge sigh of relief to someone who easily gets overwhelmed by numbers.



Plain and simple, the fact that the features in this app are not included in every banking app baffles me. The reports, notifications, suggestions, and guides are top notch and really make you feel like you are in control of your financial life. This app is a must install for me, and should be for anyone else who is in charge of their financial life. So for all you adults out there, download now.

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