One of the beautiful things about smartwatches is the ability to change watch faces to your heart’s content. You can have a feature-packed watch face with information from edge to edge, a clutter-free watch face with only the time displayed, or any watch face in between. Today, we’re taking a look at five colorful watch faces that are sure to add some brightness to your smartwatch. Most of the watch faces we feature will be free; however, there may be a few paid options here and there for the millionaires among us.

Bouncing Isaac


Bouncing Isaac, from developer Fathom information design, is one of the most interesting watch faces on this list. It is described as Android Experiment, and it uses the sensors in your smartwatch to create an ever-changing, colorful pattern for your watch face. As your watch moves, more patterns and colors will emerge, which makes each watch face unique to the person wearing it. It can also work as a representation of how active you have been that day as the more you more the more the watch face will change.

Of course, will all of this animation and the reliance on sensors, it will probably take a hit on your battery life. If you already have difficulty enough making it through the day with a normal watch face, you might want to skip Bouncing Issac. For those of you with battery to spare or those that are just too interested, you can download Bouncing Issac for free from the Play Store.



Fiore is from the WatchMaker devs who are a group of artists looking to forward the style of smartwatches, and I definitely think that this watch face fits the bill. Usable on both round and square watches, Fiore has super colorful, floral backgrounds that change depending on the day. I found that mine changed every time the watch’s screen turned off. Each design is absolutely beautiful, and the animations are basically nonexistent, which is a plus for battery life.

For some guys, the design may be a bit too floral, but that does not detract from the fact that Fiore has some of the best-designed backgrounds I have seen. There are a few customizations that can be made to the time layout as well as Ambient Mode. Best of all, Fiore is completely free to download and use so check it out!

Masque Simplicity


Masque Simplicity, from developer Alex Pasquarella, is the most customizable watch faces in this list. The watch face itself is extremely colorful, but you can change just about every aspect of it. Along with the analog watch hands, you also have four dials that display the current weather, phone battery percentage, watch battery percentage, and the date. There are several preset styles to choose from in the app that cover a variety of colors to suit almost anyone’s preferences. After choosing a preset, you can go further back changing the hand style, tick marks, and even how the information circles look.

If for some reason this is not enough customization for you, you can pay $0.99 to create your own styles or $1.99 to unlock all of the options in the app. I went with the $1.99 tier, and it gave me the options to change all the colors of the watch face along with unlocking all of the options for hand styles and tick marks. For those who are content with the base level of customization, the app is free to download in the Play Store.



Jagger, from developer Pierre-Yves Ricau, is my favorite watch face on this list just because of the sheer creativity behind it. The premise behind the app is dead simple, the time (hour, minute, second) is displayed has a hex-code that corresponds to a particular color. As time progresses, your watch face will switch to whatever color the time represents and also display the color’s name under the time. When it comes to a colorful watch face, nothing matches that description better than Jagger.

Customization is limited with only a couple of options for ambient mode and date, but you won’t be using this for features anyway. You’ll get this because it is a completely unique watch face idea that is implemented perfectly. It has been my main watch face for the past week and will be for a while yet. Best of all, it is free in the Play Store!

Nature Gradients


Finally, we end with the only paid watch face on the list (aside from the add-ons with Masque Simplicity). Nature Gradients, from developer Marco Uberti, is a super minimal watch face that pops with is brightly-colored, gradient backgrounds. There is a large selection of color gradients to choose from, and you can choose the gradient you want straight from your smartwatch. Unfortunately, this is as far as the customization goes. You are stuck with the same font and color for your time, date, and second hand.

For the $1.99 price tag, I would definitely like to see some other options added to this watch face, but it is hard to deny that Nature Gradients isn’t a beautiful addition to your smartwatch. If you have a couple of extra dollars laying around and want a colorful but simple watch face, you can’t get much better than this one. Best of all, animations are almost nonexistent aside from the second hand, which means this watch face shouldn’t eat much into your battery life.

What do you think of our list? Are you going to check out any of the watch faces we recommended? Did we miss one of your favorite colorful faces? Let us know in the comments!

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